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If I were a teacher, I'd be a.....

I had never thought of this before because I never ever dream of being a teacher at all. But if I were to become one, or given the opportunity to be one, I'd more or less opt to be a counselling teacher. Or at the very least, a DISCIPLINARY TEACHER. Why?
There's a certain power bestowed to all the teachers of authority towards their students but there's no better power booming explosive individual inside the school other than the disciplinary teacher. Well, of course there's the Headmistress and all of the other higher authorities but let's just put those people aside first.

A disciplinary teacher have the pleasure to deal with problematic students and solve unsettling disciplinary problems. They get to cane, they get to lecture, and best of all, they get to decide the outcomes of problematic problem. Be it to suspend them, punish them, or even expel them from the school.

Anyway, today, when we were bored waiting for the school to finish, I decided to play around with the cane I found last week and take pictures with it. From nothing, it turned out to be a photo-shoot to see who looked more fierce or silly with a cane. Enjoy, peeps.

So, guys, tell me what kind of teacher would you be, if you were to become a teacher?

1 comment:

  1. I would like to be a strict but lovable kind of teacher....


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