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giveaway by : The Colors of Ramadhan

What would Ramadhan be, without delectable and sweet desserts to quench our savory desire of for irresponsible sweet fun. You can find a lot of delicious treats and delicacies sprawled across hundreds of Bazaar Ramadhan in Malaysia and each and one of it is unique with their special treaties.

In honor of this fasting month, why not take a chance and explore the heavenly wonders of all the delicious treats you can find around your neighborhood Bazaar. They just might surprise you.

Let's Celebrate Ramadhan together!!!!

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  1. salam,
    terima kasih join GA abg eq.
    abg eq dah linkkan kat blog...

  2. those things are really sweet pou leen~!!! you should try it. It is called badak berendam, or puteri berendam. hahaha

  3. i called them badak mandi during my childhood times..


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