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Firecracker's Light

 How much of childhood reprimanded feelings can you outlive even as you grew old? All those laughter and all those innocence?

 Luckily, firecrackers aren't totally all that banned or illegal.
And you don't actually have to be skeptical about being too old to play it.

Dance, dance, my pretty lights
Flicker and flit all over
let your brilliance shroud the sky
illuminate the dark and black
carve the smiles on those faces
and bring light to these hearts
let's be rid of the sadness........


  1. beautiful pictures of fireworks

  2. cantik gilaaaa, mie!! nice shot! i suka bentuk <3 tu hokeh!! ;)

  3. jai : thanks!!!!

    odie : thanks lol!!! Sronok cuz discovered the fireworks setting that enables it!!! pergh best~! sayang gamba orgnyer gelap..haahahah!


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