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Final Night of Practicum : Goodbye Semenyih and Kajang

Right after school, I started packing my stuffs up to get ready to leave Semenyih and Kajang for quite some time since I've finally done with my practicum and there's nothing else that's going to keep me from leaving there. So, in order to celebrate the final night. We decided to get together for one final night before we leave the place and pursue our status as students once more.

At first, I wanted to bring them to have dinner nearby Tesco Semenyih but looking at how fucking congested the roads are, I decided to head to Kajang instead because the roads there are much less congested and less traffic. So, Metropoint Kajang we went.

This time around our party consists of all the practicum group mates in addition of Lim (CZL's boyfriend) who lives just nearby in Bandar Sunway Semenyih.

We planned to eat at Secret Recipe because 19th August, was actually Tini's birthday, so it makes more sense to go there since we could just buy her a couple slices of cakes for her birthday since we got no presents for her.

Too bad, I had to kept a tissue on my eyes all the time that night because it kept on tearing because my eye was still swollen. 

Seriously damn fucking hideous right?

Complimentary drinks (red syrup) and some dates of Secret Recipe. 

Waiting for food and time to break fast.

Finally, the foods arrived just at the right moment when azan was sounded, indicating it was iftar time. Happy eating, everyone.

 *thanks to Tini for this picture. Seriously funny!*

After our dinner at Secret Recipe, it was still damn too early to be heading back home and so we stopped by Starbucks for a drink and some free wifi. Finally, I had the opportunity to actually head to Starbucks with CZL unlike before when we only did it once and kept on talking of going again but never had the chance to.

That's all bitch. Less words, more photos. Nothing much to talk about but that's our last night of practicum and what we spent on it. After that, I dropped Lim at his house, the girls at their's, went back to Taman Sutera and pack all of my things from my uncle's house and head back to Ampang, that is seriously one fucking sad goodbye. Before I left Semenyih, I did take a good look at the school.... creepy at night but still... all nostalgic. Maybe I'll come back next year to keep my end of the bargain to my 1A and 1C students.

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