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Final Iftar in Semenyih

On the 16th of August, that's the final night where I'm able to break my fast in Semenyih with the girls and also with Faiz. Particularly because for on ht 17th, that's a school holiday. Nonsensical way of asking me to go there all the way just to break my fast. Besides, on the 18th, I'll be shooting right back to Ampang after school finishes to get the car from Ampang.....

 So, it would make sense that today (August 16th), is the last iftar I'd be able to do with my practicum groupmates along with Faiz too. So, in order for the celebratio and our final iftar together, I wanted to go someplace much more grander than just breaking our fast at the girl's house. And so I chose the Pizza Hut nearby Taman Pelangi, Semenyih like we had promised to go to last week.

Surprisingly, we didn't knew that there'd be a damn lots of people reserving their seats there already because there's like a lot of tables inside the outlet being reserved already. Which leaves us to a much smaller round table for us to dine-in.

Since we did arrive there around 7pm, it was only normal that we started ordering already since I know what it would be like during the actual iftar time because it is a damn RUSH hour. I knew this from my experience working in a restaurant before. Doesn't matter if its a five-star rated restaurant or even a simple mamak stall by the streets, all of them would be under-handed during the iftar time because people would be waiting for their foods like hell because they were already hungry. And damn, it was such a hectic time. So, it is fairly normal and understandable if we did ordered half an hour earlier.

 We ordered a two regular pizzas (Chicken Supreme Pan Pizza, and Hawaiian Supreme Cheesy Lava), one Spaghetti Bologna with Beef Meatballs, Seafood Lasagna, Sweet and Spicy Chili Wings, Soup of the Day and a bowl of Garden Salad. So, while waiting for the foods to arrive and also to kill time for the iftar hour to arrive, we talked about leaving the school on Friday and what it would feel like...

...blah...blah...blah...blah... oh damn, the foods are here already~!

All I can comment on this outlet is that, although they're underhanded and not a lot of waiters present to carry around orders and dishes, their service is quite unsatisfactory because for one thing was that they're slow, forgetful, and definitely not friendly at all. Most of them couldn't even carve up a fake smile or a tiny bit speckle hint of sincerity taking our foods or even delivering our dishes. All they kept on doing is talk among themselves and pout when people are asking for them. As if they didn't really like it. If you don't like to be in the servicing world, why the fuck did you even applied for the waiter position. At the very least you could have applied work in the office area instead of the crew members. This is what I thought, of course. Because I've worked in a restaurant before and it was much more hectic than anything I saw today. As a matter of fact, they're quite glacial, taking their time with everything. Although it is keep a good composure, not running around, and not panicking with lots of foods need to be delivered and forgetting which table ordered which, it is better not to keep the customers waiting for their foods because they should realized that this is the fasting month after all. It is best not to piss off the customers.

Before we leave the place, we ordered some takeaways for KY since she couldn't come because there was no more room to fit her in as per we only had two motorcycle (Faiz's and mine) and could only bring two more (Tini and CZL). While waiting............ camwhore moments...

Before we finally head back home, we stopped by this locale market called Rakan nearby the store in the town because Puan Hasni told us before to go there if we're interested of baking and making desserts because they sell lots of bakery items and ingredients there. Lots of kitchen utensils too. Since Tini wanted to whip something up for her students before we leave the school, she wanted to check out the items there. 

and that's it for tonight, folks~ Hahaha!!!

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  1. interestingnya hidup you! I jealous sangat! Jealous gila gila punya jealous! Mcm fabilous gila keluar mkn pizza hut , pose pose ambik gmbar under the moonlight semua.


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