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Fever? Arrghhh... what the heck

Despite the weak and energy drainage from having fever, I braced myself to the Jusco Cheras Selatan around 7pm from Semenyih. What the heck am I doing there you ask? Because I want to watch the movie Cowboys VS Aliens , or was it Cowboys and Aliens....?
Earlier that afternoon (practicum day 68), I received a call from my Gobinath, asking me about catching the movie C&A together with Chee. I told them if they really want to do it, we could go to the Jusco Cheras Selatan because it is quite nearby to my auntie's house and it only took a few minutes to reach there. But at that moment, I was answering in a rush because I was organizing my folder and wasn't that serious about it. 

But apparently, both of them were. Because later that afternoon, we kept on texting each other, confirming time and stuff. And so it was on. Right on 7pm, I moved out from the girls' house to Jusco Cheras Selatan and got there around 7.26pm. I was the first to arrive.

Just as soon as I arrived, I went up directly to the cinema and bought our tickets. I picked the middle seats on the middle row where the movie on eye-level. Score! At least we won't have to tilt our heads up when watching. Such a good spot, if I may say so.

Right after I went to buy the tickets, I went to Starbucks to buy my favorite Iced Signature Chocolate. It was around that time that both of them finally arrived. When they arrived, we discussed about where to eat because I actually had planned to eat at Johnny's because I suddenly had a craving for eating steamboats dishes. But when I went there earlier (before these guys came), the waiter told me that they had no tables left and if I hadn't made any reservations beforehand, it is impossible to get seat right there and then.

I told them of it and they said to look for other places.

Secret Recipe = FULLHOUSE
Teppanyaki = FULLHOUSE
Ichiban Ramen = CHEE REFUSED
Kenny Rogers = FULLHOUSE

And so, because I could no longer hold my hunger because it was already iftar time, we just hit the food court. I kind of complained to them because I refused to eat there because it's not really private and filled with lots of people. But what to do, that's the only place available and it is quite cheap actually.

I ended up buying this Fried Hor Li Fun. I did wanted to buy it before because it looked delicious and I've already forgotten how it tasted like because I remembered eating it once with my other Chinese friend before. And I also bought some takoyakis (a must have!).

..and that's my iftar menu. Fried Hor Li Fun, Takoyakis, Iced Signature Chocolate, and mineral water.

Gobinath bought this Fried Rice with Omelette on wok dish.

And because Chee had already eaten before coming over, he only bought this dessert. I've forgotten to ask what is the name.

Chow time~!!!! After dinner, we went outside to let me have some ciggies and then back in, up to the second floor and went to the Game Station shop. Chee suggested to me some of the XBOX RPG Games that I might be interested with and so I bought it. It was called Mass Effect 2.

All those time spent at the Game Station cuts our waiting time shorter to enter the hall. Our show started on 9.10pm and finally we got inside the hall and enjoyed our movie. Reviews? I'll you all about it on the next post. Not an official okay? Just what I thought of it.

The movie kind of finishes quite late because when we got out from the hall, it was already 11pm over. I thought the movie was only 1 hour and 45 minutes but apparently it was much longer. About two hours. But it was a well-spent two hours to the least. After the movie, we exchanged goodbyes and parted ways.

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