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Checking Up GMI

Sunday. Hmmm............. the last day where I can eat my heart out during the sun is up because on the next day, it is the first day of the fasting month. Actually, I had the chance to eat my heart out that day because my auntie got this free tickets for a High Tea buffet at the West Inn hotel in Bukit Bintang and she gave me the tickets. At first, I was hesitant to go since I was calculating the traffic and the parking issue that will come to mind if I did wanted to go but then come the issue of who to bring because the tickets are only for two people and not more. At first I wanted to bring Farrah but she refused to because she wanted to do her folio assignment with her friends. I asked Zufar and he also refused because he wanted to go back to GMI that afternoon. Then I was left with no other options. I turned down my auntie's offer because I agreed to send my brother back to GMI.

It wasn't really such a daunting task to me to send my brother back to GMI considering the fact that I do want to check out how the hostel looks like because my mom told me that the Unisel's hostel is way much more better than of the GMI's. Besides, driving to GMI only took less than forty minutes compared to driving to Unisel which would take about more than an hour if I drive on a steady speed (not over 100km/h). But just in case I got bored driving back to Ampang, I asked Myra to accompany me. And surprisingly, she did not hesitate at all. I guess she was bored at home, then.

His house was on the 8th floor........

...and let's check out how it looked like............

GOSH, when my mom told me that the room was small, I didn't imagined it would be THIS small. It is quite small I'm telling you. I had to climb on top of the edge of the bed to get this picture because right behind me is  the wall and you can imagine how small it is. The room is small, and there's no living room, no kitchen, and not even the place to hang all their washed clothes. The only thing available in the house is their cubicle-like rooms and a large bathroom. Yes, considering the number of people in each unit (6 person in one house), it is only fair that the bathroom be large. But the bathroom is even bigger than their room. And it doesn't even look like a room. The walls are not eve properly closed off to the ceiling and there's no door. The pantry is outside of the house where all the other neighbors on the floor shares it too, and including the laundry room, which everyone on the same floor hangs their clothes together. Kind of a bit impractical don't you think? But at least I'd give credits to the furniture that they've prepared inside the room. Well, that all doesn't matter that much because as long as my brother likes it, I'd shut my bloody hell mouth up because the slightest bad comments about it will set off the sensitive tick of him which will demotivates him totally and finally ending up not wanting to continue his study there. Yup, he has a very short temper span which means anything can upset him quickly if we don't know how to handle what we said around him. Trust me, I'm his brother. Been through a lot of with this fucking fella and it is not quite a beauty panoramic incident, I assure you.

I was feeling kind of a bit sad and nostalgic when I left him that afternoon because I could tell how bored he is to be staying there without no entertainment. I know the feeling too well. Because I remembered my time when I first entered unisel during my foundation year. I always stayed over at the hostel during weekends and I had nothing to do. I've got no laptop back then and the only source of entertainment that time around was going around from one house to another, chatting or hanging out. It was pretty dope and boring. At least I don't have problem mingling around because I like to interact with lots of people unlike my brother who is a socially shy person. Very very SHY if I may add. I could see it in his eyes that he is bored and got nothing to do. I'm so sorry that I cannot give my laptop to him right now because I still need to use for three more months. I told him he could have my laptop when I'm finally done with my degree.

After dropping him off and said our goodbyes, I drove back to Ampang and hang out with Myra at the Pandan Mewah McDonald's. Actually I wanted to hang out at Old Town because I missed the foods there but Myra insisted McDonald's because of three reasons:

1. She is bored with Old town.
2. Wireless Internet Connection.
3. Easier location marker for people to come over.

I must say that she made a very strong point considering the fact that I did ask her to hang out there until night time and considering the fact that you'll get free refill of drinks for a gazillion of times in McDonald's, 

But alas, things weren't that peachy for us because the wireless internet connection somehow has some failures because we couldn't connect to the internet at all and that day was such a busy day for the McDonald's worker because there's a non-stop bustling train of customers all day long until midnight. Midnight? Yes, because we hang there from 5pm till it was almost midnight and I tell you that the whole time I kept on waiting for the line of customers to thin down because I wanted to buy an ice-cream sundae but it never cease to do so and instead, more and more customers kept on piling on and on and the lines just went longer, every single time I checked. It was seriously ridiculous.

Finally, I gave up and by almost midnight, we left the place and head back home. Well, at least all those time there didn't go to waste as I get to catch up on our friendship, what's new, what I'd missed and all of those sorts.

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