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Bukak Puasa Tak Hingat Dunia

Following previous blog updates on break-fasting session mentioned on Practicum Day 66, here's the blog update on what silly thing we did to break fast that day. Earlier in the morning of that day, I chatted with Faiz on Facebook about break-fasting eating pizza because last week, he brought Domino's Pizza to the girls' house to break fast and it kind of aroused our lust to eat pizza, particularly myself because I haven't eaten a pizza for quite a long time already.
So, we decided to break-fast that day with pizza from Pizza Hut because that's the only possible option since we could not or most possible have no way to get Domino's pizza delivered to Semenyih because as far  as our previous ordering Pizza Hut and McDonald's for delivery was not successful because they provide no delivery in Semenyih area. Not good right? Considering they are in Semenyih but they don't provide delivery service.

And the nearest Domino's is in Kajang and there'd be no hell that I would dare to ride a bike from Semenyih to Kajang and back just to get the pizza. Another thing to consider was that CZL is tagging along. I wouldn't want to risk it by carrying someone without helmet to someone that far. So we kind of settled to just go to the Pizza Hut in Semenyih.

So, Faiz waited at the house by 5.30pm while waiting for the afternoon session to finish and for Tini and I to get back from school. At about 5.50pm we headed to Taman Pelangi Bazaar Ramadhan first because Tini ordered Nasi Tomato from us because we're going out.

After buying her stuff, we head out to the Pizza Hut~

apparently, next to the Pizza Hut, is a KFC outlet. Which means that I am damn fucking sure going to go there and buy my favorite Cheesy Wedges.

We ordered this value set which have three regular-sized pizza for only RM33++! And they have from four types of toppings to be selected; Chicken Sausages, Beef Pepperoni, Veggie, and Seafood. Since that was such a value buy, we bought that set and decided to take each one of us one pizza. After ordering, the cashier told us to wait for 15 minutes.

While waiting for the pizza order to finish, we went by to the KFC shop next door to buy the Snack plate that Tini ordered, along with my Cheesy Wedges.

prangai kurang senonoh, cikgu2 praktikal........

The next picture is another perangai tak senonoh done by me.

You don't call this as stealing right? Because there's no more chili sauce back in their house so I decided to just take the chili sauce from the KFC free sauce pump. Although it is actually for customers dining in, there's no harm in taking extra right? Because after all, it is FREE, right? So, I kindly requested a drink cup from the counter and also a lid. They never asked me what it was for, and I don't have the intention to tell what it is for. Gila kaa? You think I would want to go over and ask like this? 
"Bang, nak bekas air tu ngan lid skali boleh tak? Buat ape? Nak amik sos cili kat depan tu. Sos cili kat umah dah habes....."
Silly right? Anyway, this is an uncivilized act. Do not *I repeat* do NOT do this. Unless you're confident that nobody else is watching~ la la la laaaa.....

some more perangai tak senonoh while waiting for the pizza order to arrive......

After our orders arrived, it was time to go back home and get ready to break fast.

Thank god that we got home a teeny bit earlier because the sky was getting super dark when we got home and it is sign for a long rain by the looks of it, and I was correct because by the time Faiz and I drove back home, it was still raining.

The dinner is set on the table and what is left is to eat like there's no tomorrow~

There were quite a lot of food that night.

- Chicken Sausages Pizza - (CZL)
- KFC Snack Plate - (KY)
- Chicken Kuzi & Tuna Seafood Pizza - (Faiz)
- Nasi Tomato & KFC Snack Plate - (Tini)
- Beef Pepperoni Pizza, Cheesy Wedges, Chicken Soup, Garlic Bread & Baked Beans - (Mine)

We all tak habis makan pown all of that insane amount of food. In the end, Tini managed to only finished her Nasi Tomato and one chicken from the snack plate, KY managed to eat only one chicken from her snack plate too, CZL managed to eat only three slices of her pizza, Faiz managed to finish up his Chicken Kuzi and one slice of his pizza, and I managed to finish up everything except for three more slices of my pizza. 

Memang bukak puasa TAK HINGAT DUNIA BTOLLL~!!!!

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