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Break-fasting at McDonald's

Actually, earlier this evening when I was about to break my fast, I thought of going to the Bazaar in the Semenyih town, with Tini, but she refuses because she wanted to eat the dishes she packed from school. Refer to Practicum Day 63 to understand better. So, I had no choice to go alone. But out of the sudden, CZL told me that she wanted to go to the McDonad's to buy sundae cone.
Her craving of the ice-cream made made me wanted to buy it too. And so we went to the McDonald's. But there's more to it. I never knew that she never rode a bike before this. She told me this was her first time. And you know what would usually happen if someone tries something kind of a little bit extreme for the first time?

They SCREAM a lot. But in a funny way. Seriously, our adventure earlier this evening was damn funny. With lots of screaming and near-falling experience, we never stopped laughing along the way. But what makes it all a more challenging posse was that we were travelling without helmets (yes, it's dangerous!) and under a heavy rain. Well, we thought it would only drizzle for a while but on our way, the rain got so much heavier that I can't keep my eyes open as the rain drops keep on falling on my eyes, making it hurt. As a result, when we got there, we were.....

 ..... seriously DRENCHED, WET of the RAIN.

But we got there quite early actually. It was only  6.30pm by the time we arrived. So incidentally, I had to wait for an hour to pass before I could start eating. I thought of trying to cheat buy asking CZL to buy the food first and we'd be eating it together while thinking that they won't recognize me as a Malay because I'm so used to be mistaken as a Chinese. But then, I saw this notice.

click photo to enlarge

So, because of this notice, I felt scared to do so. Who wouldn't?! It is not like I really want to cheat fasting for naught, but it was because the cold rain that drenched my clothes caused me to have a gastric attack at that moment. I can't stand it. But still, I had to suppress all of those hunger inside and wait for an hour to pass by.

We actually thought that the place would be crowded with Malays wanting to break their fast there, but surprisingly, the place was quite deserted. Just look at it.

Besides us, there's only a couple more people who are sitting outside waiting for the foods. At that moment, I had a crazy idea to do an interview like the ones we did with the teachers in our school but this time around, the question is directed only to Malays there and the question was,

"What would be your ideal meal for break-fasting?"
"What do you think of eating at McDonald's for break-fasting?"

This was purely just for fun and to let the time pass faster because, hey, there's like more than half an hour of waiting and you're standing in a place that has a strong smell of foods. You can't just sit soundly and wait calmly while all those delicious foods' smell come lingering inside your nose now, wouldn't you? Thank god that the interview was quite a success plan and we did kill two birds with one stone. Gathering interviews for fun, and killing time. By the time we're done with the interviews, it was time to break-fast.

Here it is the compiled survey on what is your idea of an ideal meal for break-fasting.


  1. hahahaha.... nasib baik u x buka puasa....

  2. hahahaha.....kan?! KAlo tak mampos kena denda!


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