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Firecracker's Light

 How much of childhood reprimanded feelings can you outlive even as you grew old? All those laughter and all those innocence?

Iftar with DiGi at The Bee @ Jaya One

Much thanks is due to Jia Ying who gave me her invites to this awesome Iftar event organize by Nuffnang and   sponsored by DiGi at The Bee @ Jaya One.

What Miea thinks : The Smurfs

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We're not BLUE, the Smurfs are~

Thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets to the Premier Screening of The Smurfs at TGV, KLCC. Thanks a lot. Been waiting for quite some time for this movie to come out and hear out how Katy Perry would sound like playing Smurfette.

Final Night of Practicum : Goodbye Semenyih and Kajang

Right after school, I started packing my stuffs up to get ready to leave Semenyih and Kajang for quite some time since I've finally done with my practicum and there's nothing else that's going to keep me from leaving there. So, in order to celebrate the final night. We decided to get together for one final night before we leave the place and pursue our status as students once more.

Practicum : August 19th, Final Day, GOODBYE SEMUKHSIN

Damn, final day, and my eyes did not got better, but much worse. The swollen had infected more part of my eyes and more parts are getting swollen and damn it kept on tearing. But alas, since I did not get enough sleep the night before because of the outing (refer to previous post), the eyes weren't resting well and got really red.

Thank God It's Friday - 19th August (Finally!)

Can't believe it is 19th of August already!!!! Yeay!!!! TGIF, TGIF, TGIF, TGIF....!!!!!! Let's listen to Katy Perry's Last Friday Night in commemoration of celebrating today's Friday, 19th of August!!!!

Do you guys know why am I being so chipper about it?

Practicum : Day 72, August 18th

 Damn, of all the things to hit during this time and moment, my eyes had got to get swollen. And right on the final day of my teaching, too. Technically, my last teaching day would be on the 19th of August but Thursday marks the day where I last enter my classes since on Friday the 19th, I have no classes. So, it is damn unfortunate of me that my eyes is darn swollen up like this.

Final Iftar in Semenyih

On the 16th of August, that's the final night where I'm able to break my fast in Semenyih with the girls and also with Faiz. Particularly because for on ht 17th, that's a school holiday. Nonsensical way of asking me to go there all the way just to break my fast. Besides, on the 18th, I'll be shooting right back to Ampang after school finishes to get the car from Ampang.....

Practicum : Day 71, August 16th

Alhamdullilah, I didn't get any nightmare last night when I went to sleep because personally, I was damn afraid to go to sleep at all last night because of the nightmare. And after knowing about the Ghost Month and that the critical time was around 11pm to 3am, I tried not to go to sleep during that time at all, fearing that I might be 'disturbed' and got nightmares again. And so, I only went to bed to sleep around 3.30am, when I thought it was already safe. Silly...right?

Iftar in Tesco, Semenyih

For iftar today, I actually had not planned anything at all. Which bazaar to go to, what to buy, or even what to  even eat for my break my fast today. Luckily I remembered about the frame which I planned to buy and decorate to give to the school as a contribution to the school. Nothing much, really. We just do the only thing we can with our own resources. Money and the efforts of taking the teachers' photographs. What did I actually planned to do? You'll just have to wait for it to finish then.....

Practicum : Day 70, August 15th

You don't fucking know how frightened I was this early morning around 3am over when I was woken up by a fucking seriously scary nightmare. It was almost supernaturally real. I don't want to tell you guys what happened in the dream because it was really creepy to even remember it and even mention it. But what happens when I woke up from the dream was even creepier.

Practicum : Day 69, August 12th

Friday..........hmmmm... since this is a delayed update,  I might forgotten a few details about what happened on Friday. Hence, this might be a short post.........I said maybe. I can't remember well what did I do in Friday morning other than that I woke up at around 10am to 11am and then do everything in procrastination. However, I could remember that on Friday, I was damn fucking excited to go back to Ampang already.  Oh wait, now I remember!!!

What Miea thinks : Cowboys and Aliens

Fever? Arrghhh... what the heck

Despite the weak and energy drainage from having fever, I braced myself to the Jusco Cheras Selatan around 7pm from Semenyih. What the heck am I doing there you ask? Because I want to watch the movie Cowboys VS Aliens , or was it Cowboys and Aliens....?

Practicum : Day 68, August 11th

Guess my health condition is really not in top shape for these past few days. The day before, my throat was parched and my uvula got swollen up and all red. Yesterday, my sinus acted up, resulting in major flu and runny nose. And today, guess what sickness hit me?

Practicum : Day 67, August 10th

If yesterday my enemy was sore and parched throat, then today my enemy is definitely, MY SINUS.

My Favorite Smurf

My favorite Smurf would be none other than,

Why him?

Bukak Puasa Tak Hingat Dunia

Following previous blog updates on break-fasting session mentioned on Practicum Day 66, here's the blog update on what silly thing we did to break fast that day. Earlier in the morning of that day, I chatted with Faiz on Facebook about break-fasting eating pizza because last week, he brought Domino's Pizza to the girls' house to break fast and it kind of aroused our lust to eat pizza, particularly myself because I haven't eaten a pizza for quite a long time already.

Practicum : Day 66, August 9th

Damn, when I woke up this morning, my throat was parched and I have a major sore-throat. At least that is how I recognize it by the pain at at the back of my throat and near the uvula region. Uvula? Don't know what's that? Urmm.. check your dictionary. I don't know the BM term for it. Hehehe....

Practicum : Day 65, August 8th

Guess what time did I woke up today?????
What does that indicate????

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Practicum : Day 64, August 5th

All those uploading photos, updating blogs, and editing the survey videos I did on the night before Friday took a toll on me on the Friday morning itself as I woke up late that morning. But thankfully that Friday classes started at 2.30pm like the usual timetable, only that it finishes much more faster than usual which is at 5.30pm because of the fasting month. I took my time that Friday morning, doing everything at a very slow pace as I've nothing much to do. I had no idea for the next week lesson plans so I didn't wrote any and so far everything was in check except for the term paper progress.

Break-fasting at McDonald's

Actually, earlier this evening when I was about to break my fast, I thought of going to the Bazaar in the Semenyih town, with Tini, but she refuses because she wanted to eat the dishes she packed from school. Refer to Practicum Day 63 to understand better. So, I had no choice to go alone. But out of the sudden, CZL told me that she wanted to go to the McDonad's to buy sundae cone.

If I were a teacher, I'd be a.....

I had never thought of this before because I never ever dream of being a teacher at all. But if I were to become one, or given the opportunity to be one, I'd more or less opt to be a counselling teacher. Or at the very least, a DISCIPLINARY TEACHER. Why?

Practicum : Day 63, August 4th

Seriously weird dream this morning. A weird one. I don't really know how to begin but all I can remember was that it really was weird dream. Lately, I have been having dreams in sleep. I am not saying that I am weird or what but for the past few weeks or so, I don't really seem to dream that much as I did recently. But there's not much of a happy or good dream. Weird dreams, if I would say. Anyway, I was scared this morning when I was on my way to the school because is started raining on my way. Thank god that the rain stopped for a while, giving me a good escape from the rain.

Practicum : Day 62, August 3rd

Second day of fasting in school. Not such a great thing. Though 1C are behaving much better than their lazy attitude yesterday, the 1A students are giving me a headache today. Today, they're the ones who are being all lazy and sleepy. I wanted to conduct my lesson but their yawning and inconsiderate remarks about them being so tired and sleepy for the few minutes I've entered the class made me feel so mad. So I gave them time to rest for a while, delaying my lesson. But I guess this where the Malay proverb, "bagi betis nak peha" can be applied.

Kuih Batik Ala Kadar

For break-fasting last night, Zi Ling decided to donate her share of biscuits which she knew she wasn't going to eat, to make Kuih Batik. So, here's her style of Kuih Batik. Personally, I don't even know how orginial Kuih Batik is made because all I know is how to eat them. Hahaha. So, ingredients:

a packet of biscuits. Okay, I know the original recipe or ingredients used to make Kuih Batik is by using Marie soft biscuits but for the meantime, we'll just work with what we have. And that is why the title of this blog post is entitled "ala kadar" which means "simplicity" in Bahasa Malaysia.

Practicum : Day 61, August 2nd

Because Monday was a school holiday, there's no update on Monday. But today, Tuesday is the first day of fasting back in school. The good thing about it is that the school starts one hour earlier and ends almost two hours ealier. That would have make it all a big difference. And a single period only consists of 30 minutes only instead of the usual 35-40 minutes. This would be good in certain cases but at the same time, not quite good on the lesson plan execution department as less time are given to execute activites and the sorts. This would also affect how my last observation would fare this coming Thursday which I am frankly, quite scared of how the students might behaving.

Checking Up GMI

Sunday. Hmmm............. the last day where I can eat my heart out during the sun is up because on the next day, it is the first day of the fasting month. Actually, I had the chance to eat my heart out that day because my auntie got this free tickets for a High Tea buffet at the West Inn hotel in Bukit Bintang and she gave me the tickets. At first, I was hesitant to go since I was calculating the traffic and the parking issue that will come to mind if I did wanted to go but then come the issue of who to bring because the tickets are only for two people and not more. At first I wanted to bring Farrah but she refused to because she wanted to do her folio assignment with her friends. I asked Zufar and he also refused because he wanted to go back to GMI that afternoon. Then I was left with no other options. I turned down my auntie's offer because I agreed to send my brother back to GMI.

Miekon's Birth

Last Saturday, I had already planned to go to KLCC Convention Center for the PC Fair being held there. I know, that's not like me because I've never actually really cared about this kind of fair where it is all about gadgets and tech stuff and I'm not one who really into scientific mechanism. The reason was to finally and I mean finally get my own camera. Not a DSLR (I frustrating), but a digital camera. Looking at the financial department, I guess that is the only one I could afford for now. 

Practicum : Day 60, July 29th

Okay, I know this is quite a late update but let me just think whether or not I can remember what was Friday all about. Friday? Well, yeah. Because I got kind of a bit side-tracked on Friday because I went back home to Ampang that night and there's no hell of a way I could manage to update on that day itself. So here's what Friday all about.
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