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Teacher's Day Off - Transformers

Let's get this finish quickly as I am already damn tired and exhausted by the time I'm writing this. After two weeks of planning to watch the third installment of Transformers, we finally set foot on our plan to execute it. So last Sunday (3rd July) was the day it all happened. To avoid overcrowding and human flooding at the B.O. counter at the GSC Cinemas, we decided to hit the road early. Technically, hit the KTM early because we wouldn't want to be bothered to drive all the way to Mid Valley, knowing that there will be so much congestion not to mention the parking issue at the more risk of losing more time. So, we decided to take the easy way of taking the KTM instead. By 8am over, we head over to the KTM Kajang to take the earliest train. Thank goodness that the train didn't take that long to arrive. But too bad Faiz couldn't join us. Apparently, his auntie fell sick and was brought over to the hospital for a serious case. So he had to bail on us for the plan and went back to Johor with his family to check up on his auntie. It's okay Faiz, we still got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part Two to get excited with.

By 8.30am and over, we already reached Mid Valley and as expected, there are not many people there yet.

Since we got there quite early, the B.O. haven't even opened up yet, we decided to have breakfast first at the McDonald's in front of the cinema. By that time, my friend Gobinath already arrived with us and so the only person left to join us was Chee.

A couple minutes later, we saw the lights are being switched on at the B.O. and that was the queue for Gobi and Lim to take the bullet for us, lining up with the rest of the people down there to buy the tickets. Although the B.O. wasn't actually officially opened up yet, there are already quite a few people started to line up already. Looks like everyone is so dead set on watching the movie like we do too.

After a while, the B.O. was officially opened but to our despair, the only tickets left to buy started at 5.30pm which was like, seven hours and more to go before we could actually watch the movie and the worst part was that we got the front seat. Ughhh, we are so going to have some neck injury later on. As I have already predicted, it was like when I worked at the GSC Cinemas last year at Leisure Mall where tickets for anticipated movie like this one is sold one week earlier. I guessed I ought to tell them 'I told you so' but that would be rude and a bit far-fetched considering that I'm not really up to this movie and they were.

After we got our tickets, it's time to spend seven hours of I-don't-have-a-clue-what-to-do leisure time. Well, at least we got a start on what to do. Like my friends and I, we would do our usual thing of going to the BORDERS of MPH to read comic books for free while the rest of the party decided to hit the shopping areas as the girls wanted to buy new shoes especially for CZL as she had already broken her shoe where the platforms for her wedges already got ripped apart. Damn.... a lot of walking I guess.

Before heading off to the book store, I wanted to buy something to munch as I feel some tingling of hunger-deprived lust overwhelming my taste buds. I told them I wanted to buy some pretzels at Auntie Anne's (where else, of course?) and this time around, I decided to not have the usual order of caramel almond but I ordered a specialty pretzel of Sour Cream & Onion instead. The taste? Not to my liking.

After that pit stop, we head straight to the MPH. Usually, we would prefer BORDERS but since there are no BORDERS here in Mid Valley (I assumed), we just had to make do with what we can find. The reason why we prefer the other was because it is much more and well organized compared to MPH. Why? Because we went round and round looking for the comic section and finally, after a lot of turning, we finally found it. But there aren't many selections to choose from. Quite disappointing actually.

Quite a lot of time was spent in the MPH reading books actually. I think we were there for like more than an hour actually. I got lost track in time reading the Green Lantern : Origins book explaining how Green Lantern came to be. As it was, there's a whole lot of other GL in the universe than our usual GL in any DC comics. There's even the planet Oa where all the rookie GL or 'white circles' as they may call it are trained and the guardians resides there. There are tons of other GL in the whole cosmos and each of them is stationed to guard a star. When I say 'star' it doesn't mean our usual glittering star in the night sky, but a star as if in the entire solar systems of our planets. That would've include all the planets we know and their surrounding, but not the vast cosmic galaxy than our teeny tiny star. Ours is actually know to be quite small and compromises only a few planets compared to the other star where there are hundreds and thousands of planets in each one of it. That's a lot right?

After a while, we take a look at the time and it was already time for lunch and since Chee didn't join us for breakfast, he was quite famished already. We called over CZL and her bf because we kind of planned to eat the famous and well-known to be super expensive restaurant, TGI Fridays. Well, why we chose that because Lim wanted to and I really wanted to try eating there and see for myself the wonders of all the expensive foods they served there. Although both Chee and Gobi were quite reluctant because of scared of financial waste, I managed to convince them that it's not like we get to do this a lot. So, when opportunity does presents itself, we should grab it. Quite a way of words, don't I?

They told us that they were in the BORDERS inside the Gardens. I've never entered there before because people says that it is quiet a more luxurious and expensive place compared to Pavilion which is now looking pretty rather..... normal. Well, at least Pavilion is a much better looking place than Times Square and Sungei Wang, when you think again. So, we head in to the Gardens to find those two.

I would say that I like the white and silver concept of Pavilion a lot but the Gardens really topped that. The unique architecture and beautiful artistic decorations everywhere around and inside of it just amazes me. I love   it so much. It's quite oriental and very edgy if I may say so. 

Finally, we reached BORDERS. Now, this is why we really prefer BORDERS better than MPH because it is much more well organized and it's easier to find books compared to the other. And the varieties and vast selections of comics appealed to us even more. There are tons more choices of books to be read here than of that MPH and they much more cleaner place to sit down on the floor and read books. Okay, I think that's enough of comparing these two book stores.

We met up with Lim and CZL, chatted for a while, record a few silly videos (I think I'll update on it later on, when I'm not busy with school stuff of course) and finally left BORDERS.

And here we are, right at the entrance of TGI Fridays.

Well, I was already dead set on eating there since I could survive eating there with the amount of money that I had. But my friends were kind of tight on budget and were really reluctant to spend their money on such an expensive meal.  Daaannng.... just when I thought I could finally make my first step into the place, they called it off and wanted to eat somewhere else cheaper. Oh, rats. Fine. So, we head back into Mid Valley to find a more cheaper restaurant to have lunch. And guess where?

Carls Junior. Huh, I don't see that much of a difference eating here in Carls Junior than that of at TGI Fridays as Carls Junior is really not that cheap and as a matter for fact, we would waste about RM20 for a meal there. If they wanted to save money, we could always just head over to the food court where they sell way cheaper foods and those aren't really that bad. Some of it are actually quite delicious too. Okay, enough arguments. That's a thing of the past, I get it.

Well, at least that was such a satisfying meal, I could say so. After lunch, we still had about three hours to go before the movie starts. I told them I wanted to go to the arcade since I'm dying to play the para-para dancing machine because it have been such a long time already and I'm getting itchy to actually dance in public (not that I'm a good dancer of course. I'm a terrible dancer, truth be told).

After the games, CZL and us parted ways once more as they wanted to go somewhere else. While the rest of us went to the the anime shops to look at new anime. Chee even bought some new anime DVDs and asked me to pick one as a present. Whoa, that's nice of him~! Thanks a lot Chee!!! Right after the anime shop, we walked in to some game shops and take a look at some of the incredible PS3 games that is on the market right now. OH how I wish I have my ptptn loan money right now... I could've already bought a PS3 and satisfy my quench for that Dragon Age II game!!!

After a few walks here and there, it was already 5pm and we head over to the front of the cinema. We met up with CZL and Lim a few minutes later. We can't go in just yet as we had to wait for Tini and KY to come over from wherever they are. At 5.30pm, we went inside the cinema hall to start watching the movie. Okay, let me get this fact straight, I'm not gonna comment on this movie much, but all I can say is that I gave it an 8 out of 10 and that I hate Sam Witwicky so damn much.

All in all, I finally understand what the fuss is all about these Transformers movie. It's no wonder that people love it so much. It is an awesome movie after all. The reason I was never excited to watch it was because I have never been or ever will be a fan of sci-fi movies and Transformers is really not gonna be a start for me. Another thing to comment on was that the fact that screening has the most amount of time spent on advertisements in my whole experience of watching movies. Lim told us that he counted the time and 20 minutes over was spent on the advertisements solely. Seriously, that really was a really long time for torturing us to wait for the movie to start. But it really was worth the trouble to get the seats and all as we did have fun the whole day. I don't know about the others but I really did enjoy my day with my BFFs.

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