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Teacher's Day Off - Flat 3A

From Unisel, all three of us (CZL, KY and I) move out as early as we could (before 8am) to Bandar Enstek, Nilai for Faiz's Kenduri Selamat at his new house there. I've told you guys about this on the Thursday's if I'm not mistaken. Faiz told me that it will start by 10.30am so, knowing myself, I've always wanted to be at an event as early as possible, at least before it will starts. 

Oh yeah, I've totally forgot. After all this time, finally, this weekend, we were free out of any task. Which means we had the weekends for ourselves, no work from school. Finally some free time to get out and play. So since I've took my mom's car, I wanted to go out while we still have it. And that's why we're heading to Bandar Enstek that morning to visit Faiz at his new house.
Gosh, on the way to his house, we took the road heading to KLIA and I've never seen so much billboards by the roadside in my whole life, there's billboards everywhere.

The journey took quite some time actually because we were from the north (unisel) heading to the south (nilai). Since I don't know a closer road or any other road, I ended up using the road from Unisel to Shah Alam and then took the highway heading to Johor which then leads to the roads heading to KLIA instead because Faiz told us to take that road until we see an exit heading to LCCT instead because his house will be on the road heading to LCCT but not actually nearby there. I guess although we had some good night sleep last night, we were still tired from all of the travelling and going here and there because for most of the travel, KY slept all the way while CZL slept for a while until we've finally started heading to KLIA.

However, when I was driving on the long straight road, I suddenly missed the exit heading to LCCT and we suddenly end up at the KLIA.

CZL and KY made a joke that time around, saying let's get off and head back home! Sabah for CZL and Terrenganu for KY. It was quite funny that time considering both of them already missing their home and wanted to go back already.

After a little detour at the KLIA, we finally head back on the right track heading to LCCT. 

After a while, we finally see the Bandar Enstek signage.

We called Faiz and he came picking us up, leading the road to his house.

....and finally we made it.

Not long after we arrived, the doa selamat started but I didn't join them reciting Yassin and all those doa' as I was keeping CZL company outside while talking for a while. Later on, it was finally time to eat. I was super hungry by that time because we have not eaten anything from morning so I was already starving.  Not long while we're eating, Fifie called me asking for directions to Faiz's house because they don't know which road to take. Apparently, they finally decided to come. They as if in Fifie and Ieza because I told them to tag along to come to Faiz's house but they said they might not come or at least if they're coming, they might be a bit late because Fifie had to go to her school first and cancel her extra classes which she organized herself.

Let's talk about the foods. Remembering that his mother are originally from Malacca (if I'm not mistaken), all of the dishes would be spicy. And it were. Even the normal Sambal Udang was already spicy enough that even CZL can't stand it. Imagine myself eating that, with some more Kuah Lemak Daging (which was already spicy too), and add some Sambal Belacan. My god, that was heaven for me because it was spicy every single bite and chew. Gosh, that was really good. But because of all the spiciness, my lips were burning hot. Thankfully, there was some really sweet desserts to complement the hot and spicy dishes.

Later on, after we were done eating, we head inside to talk because it was hot and sunny outside while it was super breezy and cold inside. All of those temperature changes and the comfortable breezy temperature by both the fan and the air-conditioner was making me all sleepy, so I decided to take a nap while they were busy talking. Although they were angry at me for the first time because it was kind of rude (I know), but then again they decided to just let it go because they knew I was tired and the fact that I can't sleep like they do inside the car because I'm the driver.

By 1pm over, we decided to take our leave because there's nothing much else to talk about or do there. While we were on our way back, I though to myself because there's so much time left before the end of the day and since we still had the car, we could go out and watch the movie Hanna which we've thought of watching long time ago, when we saw the trailer. So I asked KY to call Tini to get ready and prepare herself to go out and watch the movie. We head straightaway to Semenyih without any other stops to save time. Luckily that CZL told me to take the road to Bangi instead of going to the KL first then head to Kajang because that would have taken a longer time. That really saved much more time because we did get by to Semenyih not so long at all. We manage to get by to Semenyih by 2pm. Not so long, if I may say so myself, considering the longer route that I might go through if I head to KL first.

We arrived to Semenyih and picked up Tini and head straight away to Jusco Cheras Selatan.

Too bad for us since the TGV there aren't showing Hanna at all. Tini was so heart-broken because she really wanted to watch that movie since we saw the trailer before this. But then I told them if they're up for some ghost movie and they said okay. So we ended up buying the tickets for FLAT 3A instead. The show started at 6pm and we still had about 2 hours and half before it started. We decided to go and eat at the food court this time around instead of any of the other restaurant because we are trying to save money and not waste so much. KY was feeling kind of nauseous and sick because she got carsick from all of the crazy driving skill of mine, and ended up looking all pale and lifeless. After we ate, Tini took her to the toilet and do some massaging in hopes that KY would get all better while CZL and I went outside accompanying me taking ciggies and eating ice-cream on the double.

After we finished our ice-creams, there was still no sign of KY or Tini so we decided to enter the supermarket area. 

Surprisingly, there's booth for tasting opened up. And here I thought that those kinds of tasting booth only opened up on Sunday only. But apparently they set up booths on Saturday and Sunday. So, free food, no way I'm going to resist!

Surprisingly, we met up with both Tini and KY there too. KY was looking all better and fine that time around ,so we were relieved. Not long after that, we headed to the cinema area to wait for the movie to start.

Flat 3A - This movie started bad for me because it was portraying a bad image of the recent young Malay adults because they're showing signs that they were corrupted and having sex before wedding and that is actually a grave mistake and not mention a heavy sin. But that part of the story is what makes up the movie to what it is because it was actually quite good and creepy too. I could remember that both CZL and I kept on screaming so loud. I swear to you that we were lucky enough that nobody else in the hall ending up getting angry at us or throwing things at us because we were damn noisy. Screaming much louder than the audio of the movie. But it was a good movie. Good exposition (but bad image of the Malay community), interesting climax and turn of events, and finally a good ending to boot. Personally, I would give this movie a rating of 7/10 because of the scream factor and creepy factor. It loses mark on so many cliche inside the movie. Overall, it really was quite a good movie.

After the movie, it was time to leave because everyone was getting all tired and sleepy, especially for CZL, KY and I because we have been on travel since the morning. After sending them off to Semenyih, I drove back to KL to return the car and took my bike back to Kajang to Taman Sutera. I unpacked all of my things, showered, online for a little bit, and then watch movie. Suddenly I fell asleep while I was watching the movie. And that is why I ended up posting the blog update about it on the next morning.

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