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School's Basic Camping Camp - Day 3

By the third day, we were greeted with a sun-shiny bright day. A little too bright if I may say so because I can feel the flare rising up to my body as I was sweating like a pig that day. But that didn't mess up the whole activity for the day. It started with some warming up exercises and straight away to the marching drill as there will be a marching competition between uniformed units later on. After the drill, it was time for breakfast.

After the breakfast, it was time to get prepared for the tent's decoration and cleanliness competition. It was quite fun as we (CZL, Tini, KY and I) became the judges for it instead of Puan Suria and Encik Badrul like  before. We commented fair and just, and not being biased at all, despite that some of my students joined the camping too. I told them that don't be expecting me to give them extra marks just because they are my students. It wouldn't be fair. But all in all, it was the PPIM girls who got the best marks for their cleanliness and organization of their things inside the tent. PBSM students received the highest mark for decoration but they lack in the cleanliness because the pot they were using for cooking was dirty and was piling up with leftovers. Right after that, it was time for the marching competition. Each group must leave out three members to get started with the cooking, camping-style, for their lunch that day while the rest must participate with the marching competition. I didn't manage to check out the competition as I was helping out CZL distributing the ingredients for cooking to the remaining group members to get started with the cooking by lighting up their fire pit to cook and preparing all the other ingredients such as chopping onions, chilies, heating up the pan, cooking the sardines and all.

Although I didn't manage to check out the competition, it was as much as fun to help with the ingredients distributing and all because it was quite windy that time around and everything keep on flying out of order. So hectic, but fun. Yes, I did mention it was quite sunny that time around. And it was, it really was. But despite the heat from the sun, we were blessed with some strong breeze of wind once in a while. But that wasn't a good thing for the cooking as it keeps on blowing off the fire and disturbing their cooking.

This time around, actually, I was glad that I was given more authority. Not as a commander of the students, but deciding the marks for most of the competition held during these three days. These are; tent's cleanliness test, marching competition (I didn't judge it but at least I keep the score of it), performance, gadgets (the bond strapping and the wooden shelves), and even their discipline and cooperation for all of the segments and competition throughout the whole three days. With the help of Zi Ling's good mathematical skills, we counted the score and are proud to announce the winner for the best team was............

Not so fast. Hehe. We wouldn't want to spoil the fun too fast now, won't we? The winner was announced by the end of the camping experience which is when all of the VIPs arrived and took their place at the Assembly Hall. Of course, some speeches and motivational talks were in order for the opening acts. It started with some speeches from Encik Badrul, Puan Ariyanti, and finally, the Penyelia Petang, Puan Azizah.

There were 24 hampers and two trophies ordered for this occasion. 17 hampers are given to all of the facilitators and the quartermasters for helping out with the event, and two more were given to the three Form 4 girls from PPIM and KRS for helping out with the marching drill.

And the remaining 5 hampers are given to the five most best uniformed units who managed to score the highest marks as cumulative counts from all of the four competition and the aspects of discipline and teamwork. The first place was given to the PPIM girls for their astounding performance in all of the aspects and competition and the rest was given to the PBSM, KRS, Teakwondo, and the Pandu Puteri.

A special thanks to Puan Azizah who could spend some time to come over to our little camping event and do the honor of giving the prizes to the students.

Before the day finally ended, all of the students and teachers that came were served with some hand-made durian porridge cooked by Puan Yusnida and the quartermasters, also with the help from CZL. We all enjoyed the tea time as everyone was happy with how well it went and also the students with their achievement. I could say that this was another amazing experience acquired from this practicum aside from the also amazing camping experience at the Excel Training Resort last month.

From the bottom of my heart, I would really like to thank both to Puan Suria and Encik Badrul for listing us to join this camping experience and also for the Excel Training camping trip. It was such a good memory for someone like me who never appreciate curricular activities during my school years. It was really really fun. I enjoyed my time so much. I will never forget this. Well, I might, but let's just say for this moment of time, I will not forget these experiences. It has been such a wonderful experience.

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