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School's Basic Camping Camp - Day 2

God, the experience of sleeping inside the tent without no pillows or blanket reminded me of the time I went camping with my housemates last two year in my foundation year, final semester where we decided to go to Port Dickson for two days and one night camping experience. Though the layout for the camp this time around is flat grassland, compared to the bumpy-not-flat texture of the sand by the beach, the temperature is definitely different. It is quite warm during the night instead of the cold wavy climate by the beach. Anyway, Day 2 of the camp started with the students are all being riled up after the morning Subuh prayer by 6.30am to warm up and get ready for morning exercises, which encompasses of some ...... 

..... outside of the school's compound jogging, and .......

.... some stretching out ......

.... and also not forgetting the aerobics, lead by Tini and also the ever so enthusiastic facilitator, Haziq.

All these exercises and warming up were actually not for naught as it actually laid the foundation of stamina building for the marching drill a  few moments later.

The students are separated according to their uniformed units and coach by the facilitator to march properly and according to the orders. I remembered the same activity that they did on the second day of the Excel Training Camp too but instead of doing it, this time around, they get to coach the Form 1 and Form 2 students instead.

After the marching drill, they were given time to rest for a while only until the next segment of bonding strap hosted by Puan Maizam teaching the students how tie knots of different styles and strengths. After that segment, it was time for some cooking, camping style. This time around, they were provided ingredients to cook dishes instead of the sandwich competition back in the Excel Training Camp. It was actually quite fun to see them cook this time around because for two things. It was such a windy day that most of them had trouble to light up the fire and and another thing was that during the middle of cooking heat, a sudden drizzle of rain came upon us, which halted the cooking process. But most of them never quit. They kept on cooking under the rain, well of course with the protection of umbrellas of course to prevent the fire from setting off. Some of them even used kain pelikat to cover from the rain. It was really funny to see them cook. The reason why they're so determined is that because the dish that they cook will be their lunch. If not, they will have to eat only plain rice without no dish at all....

After lunch, they were given time to clean themselves and do Zohor prayer and rest for a while until 3pm where the next segment of Gadgets commence which is hosted by Puan Maizam once more.

The bonding strap segment took quite a while until it was time for Asar prayer. The students were let go for Asar prayer and then back again to the Assembly hall for some scout song sections hosted by Puan Roniza with her awesome voice. 

They were taught of how to sing some of the famous uniformed unit songs and right after that, they were given time to practice for their performance which will be performed later that night.

They were assisted by the facilitator for a while until they themselves have to leave the students on their own as they too have to practice for their own performance later on too. While the students are left to practice on their own, I left the assembly hall to check up on CZL which was helping the quartermasters cook something to munch as they were hungry.

But the evening went fast after that as the promised BBQ dinner was all up in my mind that I forgot how time went by so fast. Supposedly, our BBQ dinner should have started by 8pm but since we had some complications, the performance had to be started first instead of the dinner which will be delayed later on.

Actually, it was quite an entertaining feats by all of the uniformed units. Each on of them tried to perform their own way, with singing, acting, sketches, tae-kwon-do movements, silat movements and even choir. But the best performance was neck in neck with the PPIM girls with their funny acting and the Pengakap students with their enjoyable singing of the 1 Malaysia song. I was having such a headache to give marks to both of them since both of them were so good and I was actually the judge for that competition. Finally, with the assistance of Encik Badrul, we selected the Pengakap's 1 Malaysia singing performance as they managed to get the audiences to sing along with them.

After all of the performances, it was time for the BBQ dinner. Surprisingly, each one of us can only get one piece of chicken.. which is quite..... unsatisfying for me. Never mind, we are not the ones paying at all, so no complain............... and after the dinner, that was the end of Day 2.

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