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School's Basic Camping Camp - Day 1

The first day of the three days Basic Camping Camp starts on Friday (15th July) at 3pm where I actually have school during that time. On Friday, the school area has been sealed off from all of the students to give room for the campers to use the school for their activities and sorts which means the rest of the students who didn't join the camping are all place in the Gemilang Hall for a session of 1 hour of motivational talks and 2 hours of movie screening of Rio.

But we'll jump on that later. Right now, let's focus on the camping. It started out well with the registrations and some briefing of disciplinary measures during the three days with the students. Then it was time to erect their tents. Unlike the Excel training center which they provide the tent that can fit up to eight people in one tent, the school provided their own tents to the students which can fit up to actually six people in large tent and three people in a smaller tent. But for those with seven and eight group members in a group, they had to fit in themselves into one large tent. Anyway, it started out well until the rain came down upon us. 

Us teachers were being rationalize enough to ask the students to stop erecting their tents because we wouldn't want them to get sick for being under the rain while erecting their tents but they refuse to give up just because of the rain and keep erecting their tents until it is finished. Well done, I said.

Finally, they finished erecting the tents by 6pm over which I wasn't there to look at them because it was my shift at the Gemilang Hall to watch over the other students from wreaking a havoc or trying to escape from it. Six teachers including me, trying to control more than 300++ students from making a scene is just almost impossible. Thankfully, we managed to survive the worst and keep them in control until it was time to let them go home by 6.45pm. By that time, gosh, it was like an outburst of human flood rushing out through the main door as we couldn't do anything to keep them organized but just watch as the flood of human beings stampeded through the main door and out went flowing after.

Come nightfall, the campers enjoyed themselves with the ice-breaking activities prepared by teachers by playing some funny nursery rhymes games with lots of body movements.

After the ice-breaking segment of games and warming up exercises, it was time to start with the blind trail game. I am sure most of you would already know this but I'll just explain about it a wee bit. The students are blindfolded and led to a string which they need to track their ways in the blindfold of darkness. The string will act as a road guide to lead them from the starting line until the finishing line.The fun of the game is actually the combination of both being blindfolded and the string leading them to unknown places. Although they are actually already familiar with the school's ground, being blindfolded leaves them unaware of their knowledge, leaving them to ponder on their own on which ground are they stepping, relying on their senses.

The blind trail consists of two parts. The first part was done by both CZL and I, leading them from the Assembly Hall to the ICT Labs, through the workshops, ziggity-zag across the canteen area, to the dark parking lots near the school's gate and finally out of the school compound.

The second part was done by Tini and with the help of a few of the quartermasters students leading from out of the school compound, through the bicycle parking lot, across the field, and finally back to the Assembly Hall. I must say that the fun lies in placing those strings to make them walk through it, but the most fun thing to watch is when the students are actually walking through it.

You could hear all sorts of screams and cries especially when there's the quartermasters placing themselves during the middle of the trail and act as obstacles. Be it spraying water, bashing the students with some trenches and leaves to give the impression of them walking through threes, and my most favorite part, the courage test. The courage test consist of a long straight trail during the field area where before the students were let go one by one to walk through the trails, they are being scared of by some of the facilitators reminding them that there's no one to check up on them along that trail so they must be very strong and keep on walking. The fun part was that there's actually someone guarding that long trail, me. I acted myself as a ghost using my voice to scare them. Well, it succeeded quite fantastically. We managed to scare of quite a lot of students. Most of them are girls but the mos funniest one to scare was these two large Indian boys who is such a stuck up in the beginning of the blind trail. I swear to you that they'd be shitting their pants all over for being so scared. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, after the blind trail, it was time for them to get to sleep because it was kind of a bit late. Yup, because of the 'courage test' trail section, the allotted time was extended by an hour because the it took longer  than we'd expected. Both Encik Badrul and Puan Suriya was quite pissed off with the quartermasters and the facilitator for making the trail much longer than two hours. Well, I'm fairly responsible for it actually, not them.

But Day 1 was actually quite successfully executed and we had fun. 

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