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Practicum : Day 58, July 27th

Today I am actually not really in a good mood or whatever but things looked up kind of pretty well. I had to wake up early (before 7.30am) because there's a PBSM meeting by 8am and I wouldn't want to be late because last week, Tini had to handle everything by herself and it's kind of a pity for her to do so, so this week, I promised myself to help her out and that is why I had to wake up early. Kind of a bit draggy explanation just for that, right?

Anyway, since I actually have never been that active during the time I was in school as PBSM for any of the meetings (because I was not chosen to learn those medical stuff but as the marching team), I have no basic or understanding what do they do at usual meeting. Because normally, whenever I come, there's always a marching drill for the marching team, so in the end, I never really get to experience the real thing about being a PBSM member. We ended up asking the students to read up on the nutrients and healthy food intake chapter and did a pop quiz about that chapter. Well, at least it ended quite well.

The main event of today was actually the retirement ceremony for Tuan Haji Abdul Hamid at 11am where all of the school teachers, be it morning or afternoon session, had to attend. Only the morning session students were the ones that attend and not the afternoon session students.

There were speeches, some singing performances by the students, prize giving and even some cake-cutting ceremony in honor of his retirement. During that time, I thought to myself, will we have that kind of parting when we leave the school? Naaaah.... I think maybe a normal pot luck would simply do.

Today, in class, I really treated those students like there were in the kindergarten because they're acting like one. I actually had so much fun treating them that way and can't even stand it myself that I kept on laughing and laughing on how I treat them. And they were so cute. Seriously.

Now that I think about it, I've always enjoyed playing with little kids! *I'm not a pedophile* How I laughed and play tricks with them, silly little games, letting them run around having fun, do the things that every kid would do........... I really enjoyed those kinds of things. Maybe if I ever considered teaching or at least educating line, maybe kindergarten students are really up to my palate of suitability as I liked dealing with small kids better. Or at least primary students. I know that the pay won't be as high as a secondary school teacher or a lecturer, but at least that is what I will mostly like to do instead. 

Oh god, recently, I've been thinking a lot of my supposed-to-be third level education where I thought that I shouldn't have taken TESL at all. When I thought about it, I'd rather be taking Psychology because I really really really like to read human's body language and analyze behavioral pattern of how human responses or the way that someone thinks, and become a psychiatrist or something like that. Or, I could always opted to take Mass Comm because I really like the idea of public interactions between people. Be it for formal or commercial. I like dealing with people and talking things out or at least managing things out. And that comes to my other option, Management. Management in general, I meant. Because I like managing things because I'm a very particular and meticulous person. Yeah, sounds unbelievable, right? But that's the truth. 

Along one of the lines of profession that I could come up with are such as Event Manager, PR, Psychiatrist, Marriage Advisor, Wedding Planner, Event Planner, Counselor, or at the very least, back-stage production manager or director. Sounds like I'm dreaming too much, right? Yes, I am a person who like to dream big and have lots and lots of wild imagination. That's me, alright.

Okay, that is stretching far too much already. Hmm............. nothing much else to talk about today other than the fact I'm quite................. not 'quite'........................ REALLY NERVOUS about my observation with Dr.Siva tomorrow because............because...............because........... hmm... how should I put this?


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