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Practicum : Day 57, July 26th

All high and mighty,
all dreamy and sparkly,
but alas, morning came
and wake me up sleepy...

Man, I was really having a good dream when suddenly my alarm clock buzzing woke me up which I shut it off and went back to sleep in hopes to continue the dream, which was a success (don't ask me how or why, I can't figure it out myself) until I finally realized that I shouldn't have done that. It was there and then I woke up and the time was already 10am over. Oh my god, I was so late, I talked to myself.
LATE? You must have been wondering why I said that even though it was still just 10am and I actually still had 2 hours plus until afternoon session started (12.30pm). Because I've recently been training myself to get to school at least before 10am so that when there is actually something important is going around (a meeting, per se) which normally started at 11am, I was already there. So, the result of waking up late is no longer a good option.

But I guess the dream was the only good thing happened that morning. As I actually considered myself having a bad morning. Waking up late, had no breakfast, motorcycle moving so slow, traffic, and the worst part of all, no delicious Abg Romi's Nasi Lemak. When I went to buy it at his house, it was already finished. Damn, I was heartbroken. See, now you know why I said I had a bad morning?

Moving on, normal attitude from both the classes and actually I missed relieving the bad and naughty classes. Weird? Not really. Because of two reasons. 

1. They're funny! Especially the Chinese and the Indians. Yes, they're naughty, but the way they tried to piss us off is really funny. All the facial expressions and the cursing words. Very funny actually. All the sarcasm and the insults are damn hilarious.
2. Most of these naughty students are good-looking and such eye-candy. PLEASE DON'T LABEL ME AS A PEDOPHILE PERSON. Try to be in my shoe and you'll understand.

Anyway, yesterday and today actually made me realize of these two reasons. And aside from the fact all of this week's lesson plans have already been written and printed, there's not much else to do than just go for relief classes or doze off. And it's not like I could go over to the teacher's room every single time and hoped that there's a teacher or two to talk with. They've all got classes and much more busier than I am. 

Seriously, today's lesson for both classes made me realized of how fast is the bond of my 1C students with me slipping down the drain because there's not much to talk to or about, it was just plain teacher-students talk and nothing else. It's quiet saddening. I really hope I could make them feel much more energetic or at least interested in my lesson but it seems like an impossible thing to do. With the good performance and responses that I received from the 1A class, I'm beginning to feel the distance with the 1C students. OMG!

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