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Practicum : Day 56, July 25th

Today, I'm finally understanding the mood or the feeling of what people commonly would say, Monday Blues, as I was feeling all lazed up and not at all ready to go to work school for my practicum. I have no urges, no energy, not even the will or spirit to pull myself up for it. But I forced myself for it when I suddenly went inside the bathroom to poo but then straightaway took a shower, wear my shirt and slacks and packed up all my stuff to go to school. Although it was still kind of early (before 10am) and the fact that I had nothing else to do at school even if I did came early, I went through with it because I remembered the delicious Nasi Lemak that Abg Romi (the school's personal caterer) which I've tasted last week's Friday and I want to buy it again today.
And so, with that little motivation, I managed to arrive to school by 10am and asked CZL to accompany me to buy the Nasi Lemak while catching up on our yesterdays (Sunday) where she went out to watch HP7 and where I was supposed to go on a date with this someone but suddenly it got cancelled because that person never called me informing where to go and when to meet. So I assumed it was cancelled. Anyway, the Nasi Lemak was as delicious as I could remember it. YUMMMM!

I had hoped that when I got to school, the environment and the surrounding would motivate me to write the lesson plan for my observation with Dr.Siva this coming Thursday and also along with my next week's lesson plan, but it didn't work as I was still demotivated or uninspired at all to write any lesson plan. I was blank out of ideas and had nothing going on in my mind. I had the chapters or the focus topic for the lesson plan but really was out of ideas for it.

Here I would like to state that the first problem was that Dr.Siva wanted me to write a single period LP whereas I have a double period lesson this Thursday. The second problem was that most observation would be best done with inductive lesson because of all the materials and topics to cover would spark interaction or at least interest in the lesson but the problem is that most inductive lessons are double period lessons whilst Dr. Siva wanted a single period lesson. That's where most of my problem lies. Time management of the lesson and what kind of activities that can be implemented in such short time. These students aren't exactly your state of the art students where everything can be processed easily with just English as the main language. For most of the time, I would have to revert to Bahasa Malaysia to make sure they understand. And that is where my marks would be deducted a lot.

My morning time was wasted with that and most of the time during the afternoon session, I didn't have the time to even sit down and looked up to my laptop screen and write anything because the assembly took quite some time until 3pm and after that, there's only about half and hour before I leave for my relief class which lasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes. After that, there's was also not much time to even think about anything because my head kept on saying, "there's only half an hour left before school is over, no need to write the lesson plan laaaaahhhh", DAMN!

That was my one and only problem for the day and that same problem is keeping me from feeling at ease even when I got back home. The whole time when I was driving back home I also tried thinking of anything but nothing came out. I kept on hanging my thoughts on what kinds of activities or lesson should I do but most of the time, none came to mind. I am really in a ditch! *brainfart*

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