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Practicum : Day 55, July 22nd > Heading to Comfort Zone

Although I said there'd be no post for Friday but at least I had to keep my quota for writing about every single day of my practicum days so I'm not going to skip on at least one at all. But Friday's post is more or less about the day than about the issue of the day. Get what I meant?

Anyway, as promised by both CZL and myself, to Puan Sakimi, we agreed to become the judges for the Bahasa Malaysia Debate Competition Finals as she was afraid that she might be biased when judging as to us for not having any favorites among the students. It really was quite an enjoyable experience, being judges instead of the ones being judged. And that is actually one of the reason why I'm beginning to like becoming a teacher (though I really hate to admit it), because of the different position in the same situation. Instead of the ones entering the competition and win, we're the ones controlling the outcome of everything. In a way, superiority. Not many of us actually can afford this superiority when it comes to daily life but being a teacher puts in a whole different way. Don't quite understand? Try becoming one, then you'll know.
By the way, the focus for this blog update is not on that, but on the fact that I took my mom's car the previous night to go to Unisel to my subject registration manually. Since I've forgotten to register my subjects online last month, I had to manually add the two subjects by the first two weeks of new semester starts as it is the add/drop subject week and it only lasted for the first two weeks. One question... if I were the ones who needed to do it, why should I trouble myself for taking the car as I can simply ride my motorcycle all the way to unisel and that'd be way much faster considering the possible traffic jams that I might encounter when driving a car instead of just slithering my way through the traffic with my motorcycle. It was because KY and CZL wanted to tag along too as they too had some business to attend to in Unisel.

Actually we rushed over from the morning session school and took a head start on the journey by 1pm. But we got kind of bit stuck in traffic near the Pertama road until Loke Yew that costed quite some time as I had set a goal to arrive to Unisel at least after 3pm and not too late as KY had a limited time to see her term paper supervisor who asked her to come over to her office before 4pm. But luckily we actually made it there before 3pm. So, it was quite a good feeling.

And doing the subject registration took only 10 minutes because I only had to fill in the form and pass it up back to the admin of the faculty so that they might process it. But while we were doing that, we were freaking surprised of how terrible are the way those new students (juniors) are dressed up when entering the faculty or even the admin office. Both girls and boys alike are wearing jeans (which is considered forbidden according to the new tighter rules which was applied to us before) and even wearing slippers. SLIPPERS, I'm telling you. They look like nothing of a student at all. They looked like as if they're going out to buy foods at the store or even hanging out at a mamak or something. Too casual if I may say so. And the fact that they're juniors makes it even weirder as juniors usually scared to break any rules so they would dress properly. Beats me how they are so ignorant and also quite snotty. They don't look like a university student at all. And even when we interact with them (them initiating it, not us. OF COURSE!), they don't portray a good TESL students quality. They're immature and even rude. Not to mention, very arrogant. We were very surprised that the authorities are being so lenient to them and not to us because when the rules firstly took effect while we were in Semester 5 and 6, we were told that we'd be fine by the faculty if we do not properly dressed. But, aiyooooo.....

....after both CZL and I had settle our stuff, we had to wait quite some time for KY to settle her issue. We went by to the restaurants in front of our faculty to buy waffles.

We actually had a conflict of planning by that moment. As I've always did before with Myra, we never planned things or our outing. Just simply, get car, get inside, start driving, and just go with the flow. But our problem lies in the conflict of going out with who and stuff as KY wanted to meet up with her junior, CZL with her foreigner friends, while I had no one else to go to in actuality. But lastly, after some heated discussion between CZL and I, we decided to gather everyone at the Tesco Kuala Selangor and meet up there.

Although most of us didn't have any plan to shop for things at all, we did spend quite a fair amount of time in there actually because CZL was going here and there following her foreigner friends with me tagging from behind and KY went around shopping with her friend for food. At least CZL wanted to find a Baju Kurung to wear. Why so suddenly? Because recently a students called her pretty when she was wearing Baju Kurung... hahahahaha! CZL is soooo gonna kill me if she reads this.

We spent more time inside the Tesco than we would ever imagined or assumed of it because everyone was not aware of the time's passing by so quickly as they were busy with their friends, unlike me, who is an anonymous person at that moment could feel the time moving so slow as we were also getting hungry. We finally decided to hit the new McDonald in Kuala Selangor as I've never been there so its actually a good opportunity to go there while we're at it. Although despite the fact that for the past four days, we've eaten so much McDonald's food already. But good food does bring people together as we saw so many other unisel students flooding the McDonald's too. I've met up with a few acquaintances and I was actually quite surprised that they'd recognize myself with the curly short hair and mustache and all. So funny actually.

But after the dinner, all three of us could no longer stand it as we were exhausted and already deprived off too much energy usage for the whole day. Just imagine, we started the day as early as 6am from the morning session school, up to the time we're in Unisel, and then, without no rest at all, we went to the Kuala Selangor Tesco, then to McDonald's and finally back again to Unisel. I wouldn't want to say that most of all, I am the most tired one because I'm the driver for the whole day, because all three of us were so drained out of energy already. While CZL and KY went to sleep at the hostel with the help of KY's friend, I had to result to Fifie who is currently residing in the Taman Ilmu housing area with Yona, Ieza, and even Mira.

I seriously want to thank Fifie so much for letting me stay over as I had not where else to take refuge for the night and to sleep in order to restore my energy to drive to Nilai on the next day. Although I was quiet super exhausted, but since both Fifie and I had so much to talk about, we ended up dragging my tiredness until 1am over talking about both our practicum experience and all....

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