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Practicum : Day 54, July 21st

I certainly didn't know what hit me up this morning as I got really diligent all of a sudden and wrote all the lesson plans for next week. It's like........weird. I was zombie-fied or something because I could remember that I had no problem in writing it all down as I kept on staring at both the laptop screen and alternately to the curriculum syllabus and the scheme of work to make sure I've listed all the things I should teach. I was completely in serene mode. Flowing water without halt and pauses. Get what I meant?
Actually, the reason why I was able to do all those lesson plan was because I had nothing much else to do this morning because there's nothing much interesting in Facebook and I've done all the blog-walking to all my favorite blogs and there's not much else to do. So I ended up finishing writing all of the lesson plan~ Yeay, I'm so proud of myself. I hope I can keep this up for another three weeks left for my practicum.

Talking about practicum. I never knew time actually went by quite fast. It felt like not that long ago I started teaching in the school where time went by so slow but now that I realize it, it went by so fast. 10 weeks had already past and there's only a couple weeks left. I realized that I might feel a bit sad to leave the school and all of the noisy and naughty students. Not to mention the friendly and nice teachers whom treated us quite well. I never knew that I could get this attached to teaching environment. Days went by as if I were a real teacher. But I know that if I were to become one, I would possibly assumed the role of either a counselling teacher or a disciplinary teacher (maybe?). Because I still could never imagine myself teaching students my whole life. It's a redundant and daunting profession. Hey, don't say I'm wrong, to each his own, right?

Anyway, the afternoon session started with a meeting of the recent PPD inspection and evaluation of the school's progress, a little bit on the new internet update system of the ministry of education named SAPS (Sistem Analisis Pengajaran Sekolah........if I'm not mistaken) and a few more. The internet website and its function can only be operated by actual teachers which means that we, as the trainee teachers aren't burdened with this process. Funny how everything is now related to the internet service, such as the e-disiplin program, this SAPS thingy, and lots more.

From the beginning or at least since I've known myself, I knew that I am so in love with literature and if there's one thing I would love to teach the most is actually literature. And that is quite true as for this week, almost most of lesson are literature classes as I have moved so quickly in the scheme of work to even progress past the scheduled learning for each week that I had plenty of time to teach literature. I find myself enjoying the lesson so much as I teach those students literature and they too seemed to enjoy it as most of them volunteered a lot to read and act out the dialogues in the newly implemented Boscombe Valley Mystery comic novel for the Form 1 students. They love it, and so did I. It made teaching literature easy for the students to understand.

As for the school's activity, hmmmm................. nothing. Although I hate to admit this, I'm feeling quite bored with nothing else to do other than teaching in the class because I find that a hectic life full of rushing work is quite motivating. All the rush and all of the adrenaline pumping makes me feel energetic and alive unlike this week where I had nothing much to do. I've done all of my lesson plan earlier this week, so there's nothing much to write other than waiting for the end of the week to arrive to write out my weekly journal, no relief classes at all for the past three days which gives me a hell lot of free time, which I ended up spending them by napping, and most of all, no extra curricular duty or assignment to do. I find myself quite bored with it.

I'm not complaining and asking for more work, that'd be insane or nuts. But at least I needed something else to keep my minds off from wondering and doing nothing but thinking of useless things. Hey, maybe things will turn out better next week or at least, a way bit more hectic as Dr. Sivayogam kind of promised me when he called me earlier this afternoon that he might be coming next week for observation. Maybe that'll shake things up...right?

Oh, by the way, this is end of this week's update of practicum days because tomorrow I'm taking a leave from the school to go to unisel to do my subject registration manually as I've neglected to register online last month. So, I had to manually register it at the admin office in unisel by writing in the add/drop subject form which can only be done under the first two weeks of the new semester. The new semester starts earlier this week on Monday or Tuesday, if I'm not mistaken....... Anyway, this weekend, I might be going to Faiz's new house in Nilai, @nstek or something because his family is doing this Kenduri Doa Selamat and he's inviting all of our friends to come. Maybe I'll write about that on the next post.

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