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Practicum : Day 53, July 20th

Aiyah, all that trouble to sleep at the girls' house went away for nothing as this morning when we got to school, Puan Sakimi told us that the debate competition finals was postponed to Friday morning. Darn. Hey but at least for one thing, there's also a good reason why too. Because I kind of promised the girls from 1C yesterday that I would help them with making a new class timetable and cleaning schedule as their old ones were ripped apart by the morning session.
Now this one thing that I never quite understand about the school system. The morning session would say that the afternoon session students were the ones destroying theirs and the afternoon session would too, vice-versa. If I was in the middle, I wouldn't know which one who is telling the truth because both are also believable but since I taught the those 1C students in the afternoon session and by the way they told me, and also even the homeroom class teacher Puan Nurul Wahidah said, the morning session were the ones that are so naughty that they ripped of the afternoon session's artwork, I would say that they were right.

Anyway, since the incident last week where the class was so dirty, I decided to help the students with a new cleaning schedule and also a new class timetable board just for an addition. I spent most of my morning times helping the students doing it. I had fun actually because I remembered that back when I was in school, being the Ketua Keceriaan has always been my fixed position as I was quite fussy when it is about classroom's organization such as class have been swept or not, the tables had been arranged properly or not, the windows wiped or not, and even whether or not the rubbish had been thrown out. 

So I actually helped them out quite a while until CZL stole me over to check out the universities booth opened up in the Gemilang Hall by various Universities and Colleges, offering diploma and foundation courses to the soon-to-be-university-students Form 5 students. We took quite a tour there, going from booth to booth, collecting pamphlets and free gifts such as pens and book markers along the way.

It was fun doing it as if we were students all over again. At that point of time, we felt the urge and desperation to finish practicum faster and go back to Unisel, regaining the status of a student once more because being a trainee teacher or on practicum have its limitation. Particularly for me because I can NOT act childish at all since I have to put up a good role model behavior and all. And the most thing I miss about being a student is the outfit. Yes, I can no longer stand wearing this leather shoe every single day and formal shirts and slack pants. I missed wearing cargo pants and just plain T-Shirt to class. And actually there's another reason why.. but that's quite confidential. Hehe.

Anyway, there's not much to say about the class today as the only thing to say is that I'm getting pretty weary of my 1C students as they keep on disappointing me with their behavior and lack of respect to me. It's a wonder how students these days are just too plain ignorant or out of manners and interests to learn.

By the end of school, I didn't stayed over at the girls' house although tonight was supposed to be night market night. It was because Faiz invited me over for a farewell dinner for his and Megha's other trainee teachers friend from both UPSI and UKM who is leaving this Friday. Faiz finally brought me over to this satay place he's been dying to bring me over. The satay was actually quite not bad and it tasted quite good except for the fact that it is quite expensive for me. 70cent a stick is quite pricey for me. If it is 50cent of 60cent a stick would be okay for me because that is the common price for one stick of satay nowadays. Anyway, I don't know why but I could only eat up until 9 sticks of satay only. Usually I could go for more but tonight, that was the only amount I could withheld.

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