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Practicum : Day 52, July 19th

Tuesday morning, I woke up early in the morning at 5.30am because of a terribly nightmare. What kind of nightmare? One where you're supposed to wake up early but woke up very late in dream. The shock of that dream woke me up thinking that I was really late but actually it was still early (5.30am). Anyway, because of that dream,  I couldn't go back to sleep as I was wide awake already. With that, I wouldn't want to waste anytime at all, so I ended up finishing all my lesson plans for the week. Which I did. Hurraaayyy! With that done, the only thing to do that morning was to wait for my uncle and auntie to go to work and head downstairs to print out all of the lesson plan.
After printing all of the lesson plans, I took a shower, got dressed and went to school. The reason why I was rushing to school that early was because of the ELS meeting held at 8am every alternate week of Tuesdays. Sadly, the only students who came for the meeting was only a few. As a matter of fact, actually only two boys from 2E was there. So sad. So Tini and I were quite clueless what kind of thing would we need to do since we only have two students to start with. But then, the KH society teachers asked us if we had anything planned for the meeting and we told them that we were thinking of doing a game. She asked us whether they could join us or not and we told them we'd be glad to.

With more students in number, we decided to do a spelling bee. We started out with English spelling bee but most of the KH students were as quiet as a mouse, not knowing how to spell English words, so we alternated  the words with Bahasa Malaysia's word and there it got interesting. There so many types of spelling that came out from those students and most of them are very funny. The most memorable ones are the spelling of "Jongkang-jongkit".  There were spellings like:


Both Tini and I were laughing so hard with the KH teacher too because they couldn't even spell "jongkang-jongkit" well although that is a Bahasa Malaysia word.

After the meeting, we head to the library to sort out things as we have brought over all of our stuffs from the conference room to the library as instructed by the headmistress. The wireless connection inside the library is way much faster than the line we got from the conference room. But the only bad thing was that there's limited electric plugs to put our laptop's battery socket with, so we had to share it by alternating once in a while.

Most of the time were spent there until it was time for afternoon session when KY told us that Puan Hasni has invited both her and CZL to come over to the ERT cooking room to learn how to properly melt chocolate and put in the molding tray to form shapes.

Me, being nosy as usual, went there uninvited too.

 At first, I wanted to take pictures of the process using CZL's phone but fortunately, Puan Hasni saw the opportunity and asked me to take pictures using her camera instead to documented  it all.  

To properly melt the chocolate, the double boiler's water must be in the right temperature in order to get the perfect glazing texture we're looking for so that there won't be any bubbles or clumps. And whatever you do, don't ever ever EVER let any liquid get mixed into the melting process as it will destroy everything.

Once melted perfectly, dunk it all in the piping bag to then be piped into the molding tray properly to create the colorful mixture of colored chocolate that we were aiming for. Once that process is done, place it in the refrigerator for about 3-5 minutes according to the coldness of the fridge to let the melted chocolate reform into solid form once again.

And there, my dear friends, the beautiful results.

Puan Hasni let us took some for eating and but the fact is that these kind of chocolate treats melts quite fast under room temperature so it is better to eat it quickly. Anyway, after the chocolate melting event that day, I rushed over to my class as it was my last observation from Encik Ahmad, signaling the final observations from all of the mentors (or GP, as I might have mentioned before) is already over.

And I was actually really happy with my last observation marks as Encik Ahmad told me that I listened to everything he commented and suggested for my previous observations and once again, implemented in the lesson. He was satisfied with it and I was glad with the marks given to me. Thank you very much. Now, the only observations left were from our lecturer, Dr. Sivayogam which is currently, seemed to be unreachable or rather MIA.

Later, that night, I stayed over at the girls' house in order to wake up early for the debate competition on the next morning as it will start as early as 7.45am in the morning like last week and I am afraid that I won't make it in time if I stayed back home. But what I want to tell you right now is the madness that happened that night. Because of the recent generosity from McDonald's offering the buy one, free one burger coupon online, we decided to have McDonald's dinner that night. But the crazy thing was that we didn't just ate burgers, we also ate quite a lot of fries, some McDonald's fried chicken, and an addition of porridge (CZL's). We were bloated for eating too much. But the most shocking scene that night was how CZL could eat so much! She actually even beat me with more foods eaten. I was shock because, usually, she never ate that much and couldn't even finish her own burgers. 

I am proud of the fact that I can eat a lot but CZL eating much more than I could....shocking!

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  1. Oh gosh! These are so cute and yummy looking!


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