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Practicum : Day 51, July 18th

Because of the school's camping, my body was aching in almost every place and I could not wake up early to get everything started as on the 17th (last day of the camping), after I went back home to un-pack, wash my clothes and stuff, I went to sleep at 6pm in hopes that I might wake up again once more in the night maybe at midnight or so. But the tiredness dragged it all the way to Monday morning at around 5am in the morning when I suddenly bumped my head on the wall and woke up realizing that I was already crawling so far away from my mattress. I could say that I flew away in my sleep through across the room. Man, that was a bit too much, I guess.
But right after that, I went back to sleep again since I have not that much energy to do anything else even to surf the net and update the blog because I have no possession of the pictures yet. I was hoping that I might get the pictures from the school's magazine department as Puan Mahashela took quite a few pictures of the three days school camping (which you may have already seen some of it in my blog post on the camping days). And yes, I did manage to secure the pictures into my possession. Not to steal, but as a record that we were involved in quite a lot of the school's activities and not just lazing around doing nothing other than going to class and teach or relieving classes.

Anyway, I can't remember well the details of what happened on Monday as I had no class but then again, there wasn't much thing happened during the official assembly other than the medal-giving ceremony for the other track winners during the sports day in UKM which was stopped halfway because it was getting too hot that day. But CZL and KY stayed quite a while that day until I finally left them for my relief classes. When I got back, they were already gone.

The only particular detail I could remember on that day was that the Headmistress told me that for Tuesday and Wednesday, we need to move our stuff and do our work at the library. Because on Wednesday, there's going to be some very important people coming over to evaluate the school's progress and we'd need to clear out the room for they will be placing quite a lot of files and folders inside the room for easier evaluation access from the guests. On Tuesday too, they will need to start decorating the school and sorts to impress those guests. 

But staying in the library wouldn't be that bad, right? If Beron and Nadzirah could do it and survive, why couldn't we, right?

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