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Practicum : Day 50, July 15th

Friday morning last week turn out to be such a relaxing moment as I get laze off on the couch watching TV and eating without no hassle as everything was already done for that day. The only thing that is left to do that day was to wait for my mother to bank-in the registration fee money for this semester and I will stop by Bank Islam to bank-it-in to the Unisel account.

But I guess things will never get too peachy perhaps as my mother had some complications to transfer the money and could only get it done by 1pm (which is already late considering I still might have to wait in queue at the bank and also rush over to the school before 2pm. Too bad for me that the bank only opens back after 2.30pm as it was Friday and muslim would all go to pray that time. So I had to for an hour at the Bank Islam till it's open.
2.30pm and finally the bank is opened. I got in line, bank-in the money and rush over to the school. But on my way, my motorcycle chain got out of its gear loop resulting in another delay which took about 20 minutes to get it fixed. Well, the same mechanics it applies to bicycle as I had to manually dirty my hands to get the chains back into its gear loop and getting tight enough to work again. Then finally, when I got to school, it is already 3pm. I was late for half an hour already.

But things got rather well after that. The camping started by registration and organizations of groups and blah blah blah. The real activity starts by night time actually. So, I'll leave that one out for the next post. Wait for it.

In accordance to the camping ,the whole area of the school has to be sealed off, resulting in all of the other students who aren't listed into the camping to stay at the Gemilang Hall, for a session of motivational talk and a movie screening of Rio (the blue bird who couldn't fly) until it was the end of the school. My shift of guarding the kids started at 6pm and so before that I helped out with the camping activities.

Boy, guarding those kids is such a pain in the buttocks. Especially those naughty students. They just couldn't sit still. Always trying to find a way to escape from the hall, leading to more shouting and disciplinary acts  by the moments. But alas, it went well. That costs me a sore-throat though. But after that, it is time to get real with the camping...

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