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Practicum : Day 49, July 14th

Waaaaahhhhhh.............. last night I slept quite early (before 12am) because I have nothing else to do. I have wrote all my lesson plans for the week and prepared everything. I've updated my blog and even uploaded some pictures of yesterday debate competition before it was 10pm and so after that I had nothing left to do. I tried to waste more time surfing Facebook looking for anyone to talk with but everyone else seemed busy. So I had to stop looking for someone to talk to and just went to sleep.

But because of the new bed sheet and pillow case which my auntie gave me, I wasn't able to wake up early like usual as I actually woke up almost 9am. Damn you comfy new sheets and pillow case! Anyway, the worst thing that happened today was actually me having a flu. If you're my classmates and even my previous schoolmates, you guys would've known how terrible and how bad it is when I am having the flu. Sneezing non-stop, runny nose, and especially short breathing (almost like an asthma attack where my lungs stopped breathing and I'm out of air).
For those that know me well, the most annoying and yucky thing of all was my non-stop sneezing which will happen every five minutes or so. If it was normal sneezing, then I would not mind at all, but the thing is, it is very loud and normally it isn't just a one-time sneeze, but multiple sneezes with a few seconds of interval. For other people, they might think that it is disgusting or even contagiously sickening, but for me, it is such a pain. I hate it so much. The worst part of it was once I stopped sneezing, I'm always out of air. I always feel like fainting every time it happens.

This is all because of my sinus. I have a terrible sinus which effects mostly amazing around my nose. I'm highly  allergic to dust, strong fumes and scents (that includes foods and strong perfumes, another reason why I don't wear perfumes), and too itchiness. Here I would like to state a fact: I rarely get sick. RARELY. In a way, I have a very strong immunity to bacteria and  virus, but once I get infected and sick, I will get very sick. I mean very VERY sick. My housemates from unisel have experience these incidents twice in these three years I've been with them. One of it, which happens during the time we already moved to our rental house in Taman Ilmu is the worst by far. I ended up sleeping for most of the time and cloaked up with thick comforters for almost five days. And it is all just because of a fever.

Anyway, back to my day at school, the supposedly postponed observation from yesterday finally happened today. Phew! That was a relief! That means I have no longer need to worry about how Madam Neik will give me low marks for observations and all. And today's result is actually not such a bad news after all. I managed to maintain my marks from the last observation. Although it is not an A- or an A, I'm still happy to get a B+ for it. Now, the only observations left are one more from Mr.Ahmad next week, and also from Dr.Siva (which I don't know when is that going to happen).

Huh....... what else? I think, there's not much else to tell other than the fact that I'm so excited about the camping starting TOMORROW~!! *screaming*

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