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Practicum : Day 48, July 13th

Don't be surprised. That is a picture. Hahahaha! I know I mentioned to you guys that I no longer have possession of a picture-taking device, and yes that is true. But these pictures for this blog post is all thanks to the school's documentation department as they have their own DSLR and since I've promised Puan Sakimi to help her with the Bahasa Malaysia debate competition, I was able to get a hold of it. But only pictures for the debate competition only.
Yes, about the debate competition. I promised Puan Sakimi yesterday that both CZL and I would help her with the competition as judges as she was afraid that she might be a bit biased as a judge because some of those students are her students (self explanatory of the question why there). But the catch was that the competition starts as early as 7.30am. So I had to be there in school like the rest of the morning session teachers, before 7.30am, that is.

In order to avoid myself from waking up late, I decided to spend the night at the girl's house so that CZL can wake me up early to go to school with her. Well, since both of us were tired last night, we didn't spend that much time talking and gossiping last night and already went to bed before 12am last night. And because of that, I was able to wake up early but of course with the help from CZL.

While I was judging them, I wondered to myself that why I never took the chance to enter all the debate competition held in my school back when I was a student myself. The reason why I'm asking myself this question was because I found out this morning that debate competition was actually very fun. All the speech talking, the heated discussion, all the point-attacking, and anything related to talking back to the other party while trying to bring them down was actually very fun. Because believe or not, we have been doing that for quite a lot of time during our time in previous semesters in class discussion. There's always topic for debate and not only during classes, outside of classes such as at the restaurant, in the house and even while just simply chatting, we did that for quite a lot of time.

I considered myself at a loss because I actually missed out all the fun of debating in school. Aiyaaahh...

Anyway, I would consider today as not exactly a very peachy day at all. My observation with Madam Neik today was postponed because the class was in such a disarray. There are not enough desks and chairs in the class that almost all of the students from 1C had to go out and find tables for themselves. Because of that, precious half an hour of lesson was already wasted. I was already quite demotivated that time and I am scared that tomorrow might not be such a good day for my observation because I know that the same thing would happen once again. Yes, the observation for today was postponed to tomorrow. All I could hope is that tomorrow would go well and hopefully, my observation marks this time around would rose from B+ to perhaps an A. An A- would suffice.

My observation with Mr.Ahmad today went well like last week. He even complimented me for taking his advice to emphasize more on attractive remarks during the set induction stage to attract students to the lesson such as giving questions that is related to their daily life. The only lacking part of my lesson was the language usage. He said that I used too much Malay language in classroom teaching. He said that I needed to less the usage of Bahasa Malaysia and provide more opportunity for the students to use English inside the classroom. I would like to say here that I did not do it on purpose because I am so used to using more Bahasa Malaysia in my lesson with the 1C students that I kind of brought it over to the 1A class. But at last he said that I had such good improvement over my lesson. I tried not to get too excited but I am also quite happy to see my marks are better than the previous observation. Although it didn't rose that much, it is still quite an achievement and I'm proud of it.

To wrap out today's post is that I would like to mention the unlucky thing that happened to my on my way back from school to home. While I was trying to start the motorcycle's engine, my sandals torn apart on the left side. Aiyaaah... so bad la weyh! Another thing was that I placed my towel inside the motorcycle's basket compartment in front because there was no room left in the helmet box behind, and while I was driving down the hill heading back, the towel flew out and landed in the middle of the highway.. Perhaps I was riding so fast (120km/h) that the sheer force of aerial distortion pulled the fabric of the towel away. And the fact that it landed in the middle of the highway was the reason why I didn't turn back to retrieve it. Because there was so many cars passing by that I didn't have the opportunity to turn back and retrieve it. Damn! Thank goodness that my auntie had an extra towel at home. So, I could say that it was not such a bad thing.

You know why? Because I always believed that there are reasons why such things happened. This saying can be supported well because when I asked for an extra towel to my auntie, she did not just gave me the towel, but also a new bed sheet and new pillow case. She told me to take off the ones I'm using right now and replace it with a new ones. Not such a bad thing, right?

I've done all the lesson plans for this week and the only thing left to do is the weekly journal and also prepare my things for the basic camping camp this weekend which I am quite excited to go to since I was influenced by the previous camping experience. Too bad that I still don't have picture-taking device to take photos of this upcoming camping.....................drat!

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