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Practicum : Day 47, July 12th

What a delicious breakfast I had today. Because last night my auntie came back home late, my dinner was actually the Nasi Lemak my uncle bought for me. But while he was picking up my auntie last night, they went out for dinner at this Arabic restaurant in KL. And since I already fell asleep by the time they got home last night, they packed it up for me to eat as breakfast. It was Briyani Rice with Kebabs and Hummus. My god, it was delicious~ Just like the ones I ate during TESL Night this year.

The lunch I had today was actually not so bad. It was plain rice with pumpkin dish and fried eel cooked with sambal belacan. God, that was tasty too. I remember eating it so vigorously that I didn't even care about my surrounding. To your pondering or curiosity, no, I'm not that hungry. It is just that it really was such a good lunch.
Before the afternoon session started and before Zi Ling's class starting at 11.55am, I asked Zi Ling to come with me into the magazine room. While she was busy checking out the school's previous years magazine, I was copying the pictures of the Sports Day last Saturday from the magazine room's computer into my hard disk so that I have some pictures to display about the blog post on that day which if I'm not lazy and I have steady internet connection next morning, I'll update about it. But for now, I'll just talk about today's event.

Today's most important event of the day was actually the fire drill. By 2pm over, the school bell rang for more than it usually does indicating a fire alarm (but today was just a drill) setting off. I was relieving the 1L class at that time and us teachers need to escort the students out of their classes carefully and swiftly to the school's field. There, all of us watched the fire extinguishing demonstration taught by two firemen invited by the school. They taught us about precautions of dealing with hazardous fire and how to properly used a fire extinguishing device. It was quite impressive. Although some of the students asked me to try it for the demonstrations (and although I hate to admit that I actually wanted to try it out), I was quite afraid to do it, solely because I was embarrassed to do so.

Another thing I realized today was that how much I actually missed my 1C students. Why is that? Because lately, the 1A students are the ones who's shining in the class giving me motivation to teach them unlike the 1Cs but eventually, I fell amiss of those students although they're super naughty. I miss how much I enjoyed laughing with them, screaming at them, and even scolded them. I could swear that my efforts remembering each and one of their names was not in vain as I do remember all of their names and I missed most of them. But too bad that they're not the fun bunch or the ones who goes out and meet teachers so much kind of bunch like the 1As whom I kept on meeting every single day. And since actually for both classes, I get to meet them only three times a week, only the 1As made an effort to see and greet me every day unlike the 1C. I'm not saying that I loved the 1A students more because of their diligence, but I rarely see the 1Cs because they kept to themselves a lot and rarely take so much interest in the school's activity.

If I wanted to admit it, I would say that I am biased. I love the 1C class more than I do at the 1A. Truthfully. They're a fun bunch and such a joker. Well, both classes have their pros and cons actually. And I've began to close my eyes halfway shut of the cons from the 1C class and only see their goodness.

..............................*screeching tires sound* What is THIS? Am I really beginning to like and accept teaching into my habitual behavior? Oh my GOD!

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