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Practicum : Day 46, July 11th

Guess you all have to bear with my blog post for a few weeks without pictures as I'm waiting for my PTPTN money to come out and buy my own camera instead of borrowing others for instance. So sorry if sometimes all-text blog post is going to bore you guys, I've had no other choice. And because I've promised myself to never stop writing about my daily practicum life, I'm going to do so........without pictures.

So this morning I don't know what hit me that I actually woke up by 4.50am over without me purposely wanting to wake up that early. Guess the effect of waking up early daily has gotten into me that maybe it is starting to form a habitual pattern. That's a good thing, I would think so.
But things weren't all that peachy today. As I actually on a sort of a roller-coaster rides of emotion where I don't feel good at all times today and I'm having headaches all day long. It started when my motorcycle refuse to cooperate with me and denied access to roaring the engine. I got stuck in front of the house for more than 10 minutes trying to get the engine started. I think it was because that I didn't start the engine at all yesterday and because it was under the rain yesterday, the engine cooled off. I needed to warm it up for a while then I was able to get it started.

The other thing that was bothering me while I was in school was the fact that my brain can't function properly enough to let me be inspired or at least working well allowing me to write lesson plans for this week. I was dead stuck on brain-fart that I actually stopped writing lesson plans halfway and finally succumb to my drowsiness that I fell asleep while doing so. It was quite some time that I fell asleep when the ring of the bell woke me up. I guess that was a good thing because I was supposed to go relieving a double period class that time. It was quite a 'thank you, God' kind of thing when I got that relief class as the students were all noisy enough to keep me awake. Though the noisiness didn't help me with my headache, but at least the funny cursing and shouting from those Indian students made me laugh so hard that I was wide awake that time.

And because of that jolt of endorphin from the laughter, I was able to function my brain well to finish writing four lesson plans after that. But I stopped writing when it was 6pm since I decided to save it all for tomorrow and head over to the teacher's room to talk with some of the other teachers. I wouldn't want to make a bad impression on them by being so arrogant and not talking to some of them. After all, they're the ones who can vouch for me being active in the school as opposed to being laid-back and lazy.

Another thing I wanted to tell you guys today was how BLOATED I am today. Yes, bloated as if in my stomach is all packed with foods that I am getting all too lazy to actually even write this blog post. But I'm forcing myself of it, of course. I had some rice and leftover dishes from last night for breakfast, some carrot cupcakes for brunch, rice with fried chicken and veggies for late lunch at 2pm, rice with fried chicken and sunny-side up egg for early dinner with Faiz at Maulana, and finally a pack of Nasi Lemak bought by my uncle for dinner. I can't tell you guys how bloated I am today. I still have the clothes spinning in the washing machine right now that I am already too lazy to go down and hang them after this. I feel like going to bed early tonight. Well, perhaps I would.......after hanging those clothes and finishing this blog post. Night, everyone~

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