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Practicum : Day 45, July 9th

If you're all wondering why this post is suddenly out of line or I might be going cuckoo with so many practicum days blog update that I no longer know how to count or organize, no, you're wrong. This is the post on last weekend before the camping starts which is dated on the 9th of July which I never did manage to update on because I have no possession of the photos taken during that day. Which I finally manage to secure some but only through the aid from the school's magazine's department.

The track competition day a.k.a. sports day (for me) started out early at 7am which we all boarded the bus from the school to the UKM Stadium, which for me, looks like bleh, compared to our unisel stadium though. Anyway, due to some complications, I got stuck with the third trip bus which means that I got there late when the event had already started.

When I got there, some of the races had already started and it is not long until the parade march is starting.

Anyway, so sorry that if this is the only picture of my parade team I could acquire. But all I can tell you is that they made me proud by getting the first place for the marching competition. And they're all dressed so cute in yellow and bee-like (our theme). After the opening ceremony which goes right away after the marching parade, the other race competition started which encompasses of 100m, 400m, and 4x100m for boys and girls. Although we were blessed with a sunny day, it was quite hot and the result of that, I've gotten darker. This is because I was helping out as the documentation team, taking photographs of the runner and others.

 These pictures doesn't cover the fact of there are more than 100 medals to be given on that day. This is only a few out of many more which I don't think would be reasonable to upload all of them. So, these are the selected ones only.

 By the end of all the races, the teachers too were required to participate in a mini race game where they have to run until a distance, pass through the obstacles, and continue with the race until the finishing line. 

For the female teachers, they have to take off their shoes as those were the obstacles, run until the obstacle part, where they had to find their shoes scattered around, wear them, and continue to run til the finishing line.

As for the male teachers, we have no need to take off our shoes, but instead, we had to pick up a balloon, blow it up until it pop, and continue running to the finishing line. Surprisingly, I did not manage to win first place and as a matter of fact, I actually finished last. I didn't manage to blew up the balloon at all. So bad.

But at least it was such a fun day. Both the teachers and the students enjoyed it so much. So did we, the trainee teachers. Thank you so much for including us in so many school activities. It made such a difference from all the hectic teaching days and redundant lesson planning and term-paper writing.

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