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Practicum : Day 44, July 8th

Hurm. Since my uncle wanted his camera back, there will be no photos or pictures in this blog post. And because of that reason, I might not want to drag this post to a lengthy one as I know people hate reading to much written info in my blog and more interested in the photos (I'm assuming....) I uploaded here. So, Friday morning turn out to be a good day for me. I had a delightful 'mereng' conversation with both Faizal and Nanie in Facebook and not any moments later, I went out of the house to go to Faiz's school. 
Yup, I went there for an unofficial business of a social visit. It's just to say hit to both Faiz and Megha, and to their new colleague from both UPSI and UPM (if I'm not mistaken......I think so). As it turns out, their school is made out of the structure and organization of the new model type of recent schools, the rectangle shaped blocks where the blocks are formed around the assembly field in the middle. It is almost the same as the Pandan Mewah Secondary School I went for my Form 6. Due to the fact that I had no possession a picture-taking device, I've got no photos to show you guys of it. But I told him that I will come over next time (possibly with a camera to take pictures).

When I got to school today, it was surprisingly peachy. I've got no relief class and since I have no classes on Friday like usual, I got lots of time on my hand. And so I decided to use it well to get to know more of some of the teachers and even had the gratitude to chat with them. Perhaps, you could call it as a bonding session. The teachers are so nice and I wouldn't ask for more, really. I spent my time talking to Puan Sakimi and Puan Mahashela in the Magazine Room (since I'm directly put under their charge for documentation, which means that I have to help them out tomorrow on the Sports Day event as maybe one of the photographers or anything...), went over to the discipline room talking to Puan Kalai and Puan Kartini (especially on the progress of our Yellow team house, obviously), and even to the library office where Puan Rubiah and some other resides. There I talked with them quite a bit until Puan Rubiah told me that she needs to go and handle the Public Speaking competition.

And there is one of the things that I did today to help spend my time. I helped her out with the Public Speaking competition for the Form 1 by becoming the second judge. The first judge is obviously Puan Rubiah of course. She had no other teachers to help her out so I'm glad that I could help her out with it. My time was really well spent there as the competition actually kind of take a while until the recess of Form 1 almost finished. But at least it was fun listening to those students PUBLIC READING instead of PUBLIC SPEAKING as they didn't memorize their text or even at least their points. But that's understandable as they were just Form 1 students, you really can't expect much from them. Even I can guarantee that if I entered that competition for my level, I'd be super nervous.

After recess, Puan Kartini told me to monitor the parade students practicing their formations one last time before the actual competition tomorrow. They really improved since the beginning and they are looking mighty fine. I really hoped that they would win the parade section.

The practice actually took quite some time until it was almost the time for the last period of the day. Whoa, I can't believe how time went passing by so quickly this afternoon. For the last two periods, I went over to the PJK periods for 1E and 1F girl students as they asked me to come over and gave them something to do or play. The reason was that some of the other girls are manipulating the volleyball a lot that they didn't get chance to play with it. So I ended up staying with them and play some silly games. Yes, very silly silly game.

And that was it for today, actually. Not much but everything was just peachy. Overall, I could say that despite the hectic Monday and Tuesday organizing the Language Venture segment, everything else was mighty fine. Like I've told you, my students are starting to behave well and listen to me, my observations went fine, and I got free foods for two days in a row. And I wouldn't ask for anything better than that. Come next week, things will start to slow down more as most of the language month's segment are already over, no more sports day and no more parade drills, and probably no more hectic task. I'm not asking for less work, but I'm just saying that after a few weeks of not having to rest so much during school time, it will probably time for pace to slow down a bit.

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