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Practicum : Day 43, July 7th

Another day where I woke up early at 5.30am over happened once more?! I really hope that I could keep this up for a long time so that it will become a habit of mine. This is for me to train myself to wake up early in the morning without anyone else helping me. I really really do hope I can keep this up!

Another day, another morning, another requirement to come to school early for the parade walk rehearsal. Since the teachers organizing everything, Puan Suria, was not satisfied with yesterday's rehearsal, she decided to ask everyone to come again this morning. Well, because of the heat yesterday, not many of them decided to come today, resulting in a much lesser quantity for each color team houses and also the uniformed units.

But at least for today, it went well like she wanted and things were up to her satisfactory level. So, today's rehearsal finished quite early actually. Before she wraps up the rehearsal, she brief the students about the punctuality of arriving early on the day itself, especially for those who are taking the bus. They should or shall-I-quote-her, "MUST BE IN FRONT OF THE GEMILANG HALL BEFORE 6.30am!" 

She said that it is fairly reasonable to assemble that early and be prepared to move out as the parade performers are the first of the batches of students who are going and that they are the ones who should be arriving early at the location for the reason that they'll be the opening act for the sports day because of all the salutations and everything. They were informed not to come any later and that they should already be in uniforms by that time. She didn't want any complications to happen on the day itself when we already arrived at the UKM Stadium. OH, did I mention that this year is actually the first time ever that they're doing it outside of the school's area? We were told that we are quite lucky! When I say 'we', it means us 'we', the trainee teachers. Because before this, they would always do it in the school. So, we are quite lucky to be able to join them. And to even support the statement that we're lucky, the headmistress also mentioned that we are able to join lots of curricular activities. Evidences such as the Excel Training Camp, the Language Month, the Science and Mathematics Month, the upcoming Kem Asas next week which will be held there at the school for three days and two nights, last week's Larian 1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia, and a couple more. Yes, we are quite lucky, I would assumed as so. IF all of these activities aren't counted and drafted in our marks as contributions to the school, then I don't know what will.

Since the rehearsal finished early, I had some free (not some, but actually quite a lot since I've already written and printed out all of my lesson plans and even prepared the teaching aids the night before) time before the afternoon session starts. CZL asked me to come over to her class and comments on her students' behavior in class. I gladly accepted it as I had nothing better to do.

 At least I didn't come to he class all unprepared as for I did not want to sit there and stare at her students and her all the time, I brought over all of my students' artwork from yesterday's lesson about advertisement where they had to design an advertisement of their own based on some of the examples I've given them and even about all of the things and details that an advertisement needs, what they are for, and how would it attract customers. Truth be told, most of them are quite funny. Funny in a good way of course.

There were so many funny advertisements and even some are just simply comical. Some of it are nonsensical and some of it are quite interesting. I enjoyed reading those advertisement as a matter of fact. At least those aren't terrible grammar sentences which I had to fix their broken grammar and spelling of words.

Back to CZL's peer evaluation, well I didn't actually was there for a peer evaluation session. More like an observation, only without all the marking scheme and checklist. She asked me to comments on her students behavior inside the class, comparing them to my naughty students and anything else that I might notice. My deductions were mostly based on the fact that they're quite a bit more worst than my class as they are obviously bigger children that have brains and mind to think on their own. They talked back on her quite a lot actually and I kind of feel that I'm actually quite lucky that my 1C students aren't that bad. But I would give credit to CZL for being able to control them and her lesson actually. Though their proficiency levels are low and more like my students (Form 4 with the brains of Form 1) because they lack lots of vocabulary and they can't do exercises that are too difficult. CZL told me that most of her lesson and questions are from a PMR workbook. Do you get it'? Form 4 students can't answer questions of their level but can only answer if they're lower forms question. Not to say that they're dumb but, just simply slow-learners. Good luck and all the best CZL for your observation with Encik Zainal next week!

Right after her class, all of the already-arrived afternoon teachers are summoned to the conference for quite a bit of an urgent official meeting about the awareness of the "BERSIH" issue which will happen on the 9th of July. Luckily for us, and also quite unlucky for those who actually have the thought to go to the forbidden assemble of the "BERSIH", we have our annual sports day on the same date. Which will possibly meaning that we have no either way to actually escape the predicament of having to come to the sports day this Saturday (9th July) at the UKM stadium.

Today's meeting actually lasted for quite some time as a matter of fact. It dragged until the start of afternoon session and only ended by 1.30pm. Thank goodness that it manages to finish early because I have my class at 1.50pm. There are actually more than just the "BERSIH" event being on discussion. There are also the topic of the funding for the new surau Al-Adzim project finally reached its target and can start the building process, some issue on disciplinary measures that teachers needed to do, including us as trainee teachers, some reminders of sexual harassment that can happen between the two most obvious relations: teachers to students, and also teachers to teachers (work colleagues). There's also quite a bit of the sports day schedule, succession of fulfilling the task assigned to them such as CZL and Tini are assigned as the teachers responsible for distributing the foods to the students, KY as the time-scorer for the sprint segment, and I was assigned as one of the teachers who are involved in documentations. I think that is probably because I've been seen with a camera quite a lot of time and that I like to take quite a lot of pictures. This would probably meaning that (assuming that) I could probably take some work of the actual teachers responsible for the photographing almost everything on that day. There's also the briefing on teachers who are responsible for accompanying the students in buses that we rented for that day. There's more than 15 buses rented especially for that day and each bus will have on teacher on board to monitor the students and making sure that all of them are in place. While CZL was assigned to the first bus and KY to the second bus, I was assigned to the last bus, which is the 17th bus. If you count carefully, there are actually quite a lot of athlete brought over to UKM on that day. 

After the meeting, I went over to the teachers lounge to take a peek on what food is being sold today, despite the empty wallets and zero amount of cash inside my pockets. But luckily for me, Puan Rofeah (picture below) was really kind enough to treat me for food today. I mean, that's a good thing as for I have no money at all and I was already very hungry at that moment. Thank you very much, Kak Ah.

After lunch, I went to my class to teach as usual and I told them of my observation marks yesterday and they told me that they're happy for me too as they like me a lot and that they thought of me highly. Even the naughty students today are behaving so well, doing my exercises and all.

After the class, I went to the room to mark all the books right away as for I didn't want to procrastinate as I know myself to be quite lazy and forgetful. It is actually a good thing to do as I haven't found anything interesting in their exercises so far and most of them manages to answer the comprehension questions given. Although their grammar might be severely broken, at least they get the content of that text. The only problem I had was that these students like to copy answers from other people or would just simply copy every single thing as they were quite lazy.

The most funny thing that happened while I was marking their books, I actually fell asleep without me realizing it. Half an hour later, I suddenly woke up after hearing the bells. It was already 4pm. My class actually finishes at 3pm and I spent half of the time after 3pm marking the books and for the other half I fell asleep without me noticing it happening. All I know was that I actually drooled when I slept and unfortunately for one student's book from which I was marking before I fell asleep,  his/her book got a wee bit wet...... Damn it! I am so ashamed of myself for falling asleep and drooled onto the student's book.

What I don't understand was that I'm actually not that tired at all, and not even sleepy or even think of sleeping. But it is as if all my energy suddenly depleted and force a shut down maneuver on my brain, configuring for the sudden sleeping. Well, at least nobody saw that...  I guess so....?

On my way back home today, I saw such heavy congestion nearby the Bundar Sunway Semenyih highway exit. This is all probably because of the "BERSIH" issue, I would assume because yesterday, there are roadblocks placed almost in every highways and main road by the police force to inspect on the road users as to whether or not they support it. 

Aggh.... too sleepy already. I don't know why. I seriously don't. My eyes have been blinking for quite some time already and these eyelids are getting quite heavy already. I think I'll just stop here for tonight....

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