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Practicum : Day 40, July 4th

 God, I can't tell how tiring today is. It's like the 1st of July (last Friday) all over again. If people all around the world would normally say 'Monday blues', but for today it's 'Monday havoc' for me. I can't even begin to tell how it started it. Let's just started with the usual. Hm, supposedly there's a parade drill today with the costume-fitting altogether, but my motorcycle has had its plate number broken and the helmet box's position was already broken too. I could only fix the plate number issue because it only costed RM1 for the screws but for the helmet box issue, I have absolutely no money for it as it will cost me about RM100++ over and it might take quite some time. I can't even tell how bad is the condition as I've hit way too many road bumps every day from home to school because of the shortcut that I took. It is a good shortcut but there's way too many road bumps in that road that it finally caused the metal inside my bike's compartment steeling the helmet box to be ripped apart.

Uhhh...... I know that this doesn't make sense to you but perhaps I'll take a picture of it tomorrow to show you guys how bad it is. That's one bad thing today. As soon as I've arrived in school, I finally took the time to mark all those essays that I gave to the 1A students last week. Man, I'm never ever gonna give anymore writing essay exercises to them... well, not at this busy week of course. There's way too many work to be done along with the language venture segment, observations, parade drills, and more to be done. I'm swarmed with works to be done and I'm going to settle it one by one.

Despite all those works, I was also depleted of energy in my body leaving me lifeless and out of energy the whole today. Maybe the fatigue from yesterday caught up with me, or maybe it's the last three days starting from Friday till Sunday that got caught up to me. I'm completely drenched. Okay, let's get started with the events for today.

This week is the official start of the Mathematics and Science month although the Language month is still in progress as to make rooms for Raya holidays that is coming up at the end of August and the start of September. A little speech from the Penyelia Petang, Puan Azizah.

After her endearing speech and some inspirational talks about the importance of Science and Maths (which I wasn't really paying attention as I was out in the back drafting my lesson plan for tomorrow's lesson), there's a mini demonstration from the students about the scientific discovery experiments of making boiled eggs fit inside a small beaker without force of hand but by the laws of science and also the explosive extremities of laundry detergent when exposed to some situation and some heat where it would bubbled up and produce hydrogen that is highly flammable and explosive.  

Quite an interesting experiment I would say as it was fun to watch the boiled egg magically fits itself into the small end of the beaker. The explosive display of the hydrogen gas was quite amusing too. Right after that mini experiment, it is finally the official start of the Science and Mathematics month. There'll be more segments of scientific experiments shall be done throughout the month, so keep on reading.

Right after that, I finally got some time to organize everything of the language venture such as going to the teachers that I've met up with last week which I've requested activities from them for the language venture. Chinese activities from Mr. Chong, Tamil activities from Mrs. Malar, and Malay activites from Mr. Azizul. Once I've collected the activities, it is finally time to sequence the activities through its respective checkpoints and of the sorts. But that was no easy task. Even CZL was having a hard time to organize everything that she didn't take off in the afternoon but stayed over at school to finish up her own segment of language venture for the morning session students which will be done tomorrow too. God, we were having such a hard time to get everything done with all the juggling of lesson plans, photocopying the clues and questions, and any of the sorts that was involved in the production of this language venture segment. We were so tied up that I didn't even manage to eat the food that I bought over from the teachers' lounge and even rest for a bit. 

It really was such a tiring and daunting task. I even had to ask both CZL and some of my students to help out with the activities. While the other languages' activities are done and prepared to be used tomorrow, the only problem I had right now the activities for the English language instead. Since it is up to me to create one, I'm having such a brain-fart to even think of any ideas. Even as I'm writing this, I'm still blunt out of ideas for the activities. I don't have much time left since tomorrow it will be used. I'm struggling to find a good activity for the students so that they won't be bored with all the questions that will be thrown at them tomorrow on some language's checkpoints. I need to devise something that is fresh, quick, and most obviously fun. But what????

During the last period, both CZL and I were already drained out of energy and can no longer do any work. We packed up our things and hoped that tomorrow would be fine. She asked permission from me to eat the foods that I bought for lunch and I told her that she may. But I guess even she was really famished and tired as when I wanted to grab a bite, she already finished all of it.... squeaky clean!

With that in situation, I have nothing else to think off rather than asking Faiz to accompany eating at Maulana's I can't wait for the dinner cooked by my auntie which will probably only be ready at 9pm. Gaaaaah... this is really tiring. I'm going to turn in after I finish this blog post. Goodnite~

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