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Practicum : Day 39, July 2nd (Larian 1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia)

Okay, I think there's not much to talk about on this post except for the fact that it is establish and known by all the schools around Malaysia informed by the government to organize a marathon on the 2nd of July and not one school is excluded from organizing this event. I wouldn't know what is the actual purpose of it since I wasn't in the board meeting when this event is being planned or even being discussed upon. SO, all I know was that this marathon is more than just to win a prize, it's too bond between students of different races in a mass community activity, that is which the marathon. Besides the students, the teachers and even the parents of the students are encouraged to join too.

If you remembered my post on the record book distribution day, we had to do this promoting task about this marathon and it is finally happening. It started quite early actually, at about 7am over where counters are setup by the teachers for those teachers who are running, those students, and even for the participating parents. Though there aren't exactly that much of parents did attend, there a quite few of them.

 Before we began anything, it is not wise to be doing any running or muscle-straining activities without warming up, right? So, all the students and teachers are instructed to assembled themselves in the assembly hall to begin the stretching and do some warming up...

But before that, a little prayer for our safety and so that the program would go well without difficulties recited by Encik Ahmad Fauzi.

After the prayer recitation, it's time to warm up. Cikgu Tasnim style~! 

Senamrobik of course~ 
If students have to do, teachers are obliged to do so too, as an example, of course! 

After the warming up activities, everyone was categorized into three groups in sequence to start running. First would be all the female students, next was all the teachers and last but not least are the male students. Why that sequence? Don't ask me.... hahahaha...

Students, are you ready? On your mark, get set, GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

After the students, it's teachers time to run.....

Teachers are you ready? GO!!!!

Once the teachers has started running, I joined them because I wanted to catch up on the students to take some pictures of course. 

However, teachers and students will split up at a certain junction where the students will take a longer route where the teachers have specialized short cuts for a shorter distance. Well, it won't be cheating because there are different prizes for teachers, male students and the female students. At this junction...

.. the teachers will hear straight to the left....

...while the students will turn right and take the longer route....

Well, I didn't follow them all the way from the starting point till the end because if I do so, I'd be dead without breath trying to multi-task between taking pictures and running with them at the same time. Thank goodness there's the male teachers who aren't running riding their motorcycle tagging along with them to monitor their movement. With that at an advantage, I asked the teacher to bring me back to the school to take pictures at the ending point.

After reaching the ending point, students will have the chance to win a lucky draw by putting in their numbers in the box below. This prize is different for the first twenty male students and the first twenty female students of course. 

Zi Ling is the one in charge of identifying the first twenty male and female students among three other teachers stationed there. Behind them, all the teachers are gathered for a session of cooling down with some slow stretching instructed by the headmistress.

After the marathon, the students still can't go back, they have to stay a while to wait until the prize-giving ceremony which is starting a lot later. While waiting, they are free to do other stuff of course.

And if they're hungry, they can buy the foods sold by these teachers.

While waiting for the prize-giving ceremony, my yellow house students gathered around at the Gemilang Hall to start our parade drill. Which is becoming way and much better. I''m quite proud of their progress although there are still some tweaking to be done here and there to make sure it is a success. 

While we were so caught up with the drill, we totally had forgotten all about the prize-giving ceremony and by the time we finished our drill, the ceremony was already over and the students can already leave the school. Thank goodness that none of these drill students of mine had anything to do with the prize-giving ceremony as they all didn't make it as the first twenty students for both gender.

While the students are able to leave the premise, teachers can't. We had to wait until 12.30pm to be able to leave the school. So, while waiting, we had some time chatting with these three girls from Form 3 and also the same students who went camping with us a few weeks ago.

So, all in all, it was actually quite a fun day although it is very tiring. Watching those students run reminds me a lot of all the marathons I did when I was a student. Of course, I didn't win or get first place, but at least I did my fair share of running or jogging the whole way until the finishing line. It really was fun.

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