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Practicum : Day 38, July 1st

I know this is quite a late post for a daily update dosage of my practicum days but I just don't want to skip out any entries of it. So here's just a summary of what happened on Friday. Supposedly there's a parade drill like usual in the morning but I had matters to attend to so I couldn't come in the morning. Later when I was in school, Faiq, told me that they've added a new formation after the old ones and they're improving greatly. They asked me to ask permission from Teacher Kartini to allow them to practice tomorrow after the race (more on that on the next post). She agreed about it since she's very enthusiastic about it so damn much.

Okay, because of the new timetable, I no longer have classes on Friday. Which means, I already planned or at least said to myself that I would like to dedicate that day for lesson plan writing for next week. But as soon as I arrived in school, I saw the relief notes. DAMN!

I got all four periods of relief today and all of it are right next to one another except for the PJK relief where it falls upon the last two periods. Why I'm saying damn it not because I had relief (I don't mind, really) but the fact that those classes are mostly classes that have naughty students in it. Such as the 1Js, 1Es, and even 2Ls.... aiyooo... so troublesome.

Entering those classes already gave me a lot of headache, some more, I had to take care of those naughty students, keeping them at bay so that they won't run away from the class make any trouble. That's tiring enough, I even had to go up and down, here and there from the teacher's lounge to another block then another block to teacher's lounge again.. hhmm.. let me make a pattern for you guys to understand better.

Got to school > Conference room > Assembly hall > Teacher's lounge > 1J > 2L > Teacher's room > Discipline room > Teacher's lounge > Office > Teacher's lounge > Library > Teacher's lounge > 1E > Sports room > 1F > Sports room > Conference room

and finally that was the end of my day. So damn tired.  My point is, I had no time to rest and sit down during the whole afternoon. I went walking here and there, standing inside the classes, then running here and there to find teachers to help me with the Language Venture I'm organizing next week, and back to monitoring students.... in a simpler way to say this : VERY BUSY!

On the way back, this auntie selling kueh and drinks called us over and gave some keropok lekor. You don't know how much that means to me as I was really tired, exhausted and I actually didn't even had so much to eat in the first place. The only food intake I had that day was the breakfast I ate in the house and the fried mee I bought from the teachers, which I finally manage to eat it during the time students went to play for PJK....

Gosh, that was one tiring Friday.....

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