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Bloggers Sports Carnival at City Golf, Bangsar Shopping City

During the Larian 1 Malaysia program on that morning of 2nd of July, I received a call from Zuri (a blogger friend) inviting me to become her plus one at an event organized by Nuffnang and sponsored by CityGolf at the Bangsar Shopping City. Since I have not been to any event for ages, why would I would let go of this chance, no doubt, so I agreed.

So, right after the school program finished, I went back to my auntie's house, do the chores that my auntie has left me to do and get changed. At approximately close to 3pm, I move out from the house to the KTM station in Kajang because I told her to pick me up at the KL Central. By 3.30pm, I've reached there and waited for her for about 20 minutes and she came over. It's nice to meet up with a blogger friend once in a while and this Zuri and I has a share of meeting up a few times already at a couple of events this year. Oh, how I missed hanging out with the rest of the groups such as Rayyan, Ruby, Kifly, Elwyn, Jia Ying, Mokky, and a few more. At first, none of us knew how to get to the place as we all know was that it's in Bangsar. I took a few look at Google Earth before going out of the house to look at directions on how to get there and all I found out was that we need to look for Jalan Maarof. Even Zuri also took a look at the maps on the net to figure out the roads to the place but at last, we didn't manage to put our minds together as we took a different route to get in.

After some criss-cross a few times and a large detour, we finally made it to the location. Thank goodness that although we did arrive late, there's nothing started yet and there's just enough time to catch up and chit chat with the other bloggers. Though, I only recognize two of the other bloggers and the others are unknown to me. Well, that's because I rarely join these events and these guys are what I assumed as regular event bloggers. Oh, how I wish to be like them. Maybe I ought to get a look of their blogs and learn how they get this much invitations and how to become a better writer as a blogger...

Too bad that they're only serving hors d'ourvres as I was expecting heavy food because I was super tired from all the running in the morning and super hungry to even want to munch a lot of thing. But since the time was more appropriately tea time, thus the hors d'ourvres. 

.. but at least they serve great hors d'ourvres. These delicious appetizers are courtesy of La Bodega. And those are really, I mean like really delicious. I give so much credits to the drummets coated in sweet and spicy sauce as they were the most filling aside from the soft and delicious tuna sandwich, the diced veggies on baguette, and those eggs on toothpick thingy. But what I like the most is their delicious brownies. Those are brownies, right? I could hardly tell the difference because I was too hungry too even think of it. 

Coincidentally, we met up with Jia Ying there who came alone. She said she couldn't be bothered about finding a plus one as it is actually quite a hard thing to find another person who is completely free to be able to become her plus one. I told her that I'm always free since I had nothing to do other than the utter chaos of practicum and I would do anything to get out of that fix.

This place is actually quite chic. I love the minimal decor and the color projection. 

So, what is an event without a program, right? Our program was actually some fun competition of games.

 We were entitled to sign up for exactly four games, the first one is the killer pool game (lazy to explain how it works as it works differently from the usual pool games) which use the concept of survivor wins. That survivor is the one who manages to score at least a pin for each of his turn. Those who doesn't score a pin during their turn loses a life and each of us are given three lives. So blah blah blah.....

Next are darts. I guess that's self-explanatory right? The other two games are golf simulation games, which are the highlights of the event actually, allowing people who have never learnt how to golf, learn to golf. There's instructor to help us out too on how to hit the ball. Such as what angle, how should you hit it, learn how to swing and the best way to hit the ball. The two games are 'round the pin' which is basically the common game of playing golf where you have to hit the ball just nice to let the ball enter the pin hole.

And the other one is called 'the longest drive'. The objective of this game to score points as your ball goes farther. So which means that if you manage to hit the ball at the right amount of force and let out the full impact on an accelerated velocity, you will be able to hit the ball hard enough to let it flew farther, thus landing you the highest score.

Well, I manage to play only the pool game and the dart game as there was such a huge line over both the golf games. At least Zuri and Jia Ying gets to play though.

Check out these ladies blogs here :

 After a while, it was time to announce the winner.

 And these are the winners for the games. I've forgotten in which order of games was it. Hahaha...

 After the prize-giving moments, it was time to get the hell out. Hahahahaha!!! Although it may not be as fun as what I imagined it to be or as hip as I ought it would be, at least it was fun to be able to go an event after such a long time. I expressed my thanks to Zuriey so much for inviting me as her plus one.

Perhaps if you're interested to play golf but scared of getting sun burn or being dark for being exposed under the sun for too long, you ought to have a visit at this place. They have a bar of great selection of drinks, awesome trainers (not to mention, HANDSOME) to teach you and guide you from scratch on how to golf. You could set up also a family game day for golfing fun you won't get anywhere else. Their golf simulation games are also one of the most realistic ever. As if it is the real thing. This is a place to be. Click here for more info about this place.

Although I didn't manage to play the simulation games, at least I have fun with the others though!

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