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Practicum : Day 59, July 28th

When I woke up this morning, I never knew today would actually be quite an okay day. The reason why I thought it wouldn't was all because of the observation from Dr.Siva. I guess I was too stricken with fear and overwhelmed with excessive nervous hormones (is there such a thing?) that I couldn't even sleep well last night. Seriously, I couldn't. I didn't slept well at all last night. And actually, I was not even feeling sleepy that much. I forced myself to feel sleepy by watching a movie last night in hopes that I might fell asleep while doing so but I didn't. I stayed awake until the end of the movie and still wasn't able to sleep later on. I lied down on the bed, play the softest and the most harmonious and melodious songs I've had in my laptop in hopes that it'll lullaby me to sleep and wrapped myself with the blanket.

Practicum : Day 58, July 27th

Today I am actually not really in a good mood or whatever but things looked up kind of pretty well. I had to wake up early (before 7.30am) because there's a PBSM meeting by 8am and I wouldn't want to be late because last week, Tini had to handle everything by herself and it's kind of a pity for her to do so, so this week, I promised myself to help her out and that is why I had to wake up early. Kind of a bit draggy explanation just for that, right?

Practicum : Day 57, July 26th

All high and mighty,
all dreamy and sparkly,
but alas, morning came
and wake me up sleepy...

Man, I was really having a good dream when suddenly my alarm clock buzzing woke me up which I shut it off and went back to sleep in hopes to continue the dream, which was a success (don't ask me how or why, I can't figure it out myself) until I finally realized that I shouldn't have done that. It was there and then I woke up and the time was already 10am over. Oh my god, I was so late, I talked to myself.

Practicum : Day 56, July 25th

Today, I'm finally understanding the mood or the feeling of what people commonly would say, Monday Blues, as I was feeling all lazed up and not at all ready to go to work school for my practicum. I have no urges, no energy, not even the will or spirit to pull myself up for it. But I forced myself for it when I suddenly went inside the bathroom to poo but then straightaway took a shower, wear my shirt and slacks and packed up all my stuff to go to school. Although it was still kind of early (before 10am) and the fact that I had nothing else to do at school even if I did came early, I went through with it because I remembered the delicious Nasi Lemak that Abg Romi (the school's personal caterer) which I've tasted last week's Friday and I want to buy it again today.

Teacher's Day Off - Flat 3A

From Unisel, all three of us (CZL, KY and I) move out as early as we could (before 8am) to Bandar Enstek, Nilai for Faiz's Kenduri Selamat at his new house there. I've told you guys about this on the Thursday's if I'm not mistaken. Faiz told me that it will start by 10.30am so, knowing myself, I've always wanted to be at an event as early as possible, at least before it will starts. 

Oh yeah, I've totally forgot. After all this time, finally, this weekend, we were free out of any task. Which means we had the weekends for ourselves, no work from school. Finally some free time to get out and play. So since I've took my mom's car, I wanted to go out while we still have it. And that's why we're heading to Bandar Enstek that morning to visit Faiz at his new house.

Practicum : Day 55, July 22nd > Heading to Comfort Zone

Although I said there'd be no post for Friday but at least I had to keep my quota for writing about every single day of my practicum days so I'm not going to skip on at least one at all. But Friday's post is more or less about the day than about the issue of the day. Get what I meant?

Anyway, as promised by both CZL and myself, to Puan Sakimi, we agreed to become the judges for the Bahasa Malaysia Debate Competition Finals as she was afraid that she might be biased when judging as to us for not having any favorites among the students. It really was quite an enjoyable experience, being judges instead of the ones being judged. And that is actually one of the reason why I'm beginning to like becoming a teacher (though I really hate to admit it), because of the different position in the same situation. Instead of the ones entering the competition and win, we're the ones controlling the outcome of everything. In a way, superiority. Not many of us actually can afford this superiority when it comes to daily life but being a teacher puts in a whole different way. Don't quite understand? Try becoming one, then you'll know.

Practicum : Day 54, July 21st

I certainly didn't know what hit me up this morning as I got really diligent all of a sudden and wrote all the lesson plans for next week. It's like........weird. I was zombie-fied or something because I could remember that I had no problem in writing it all down as I kept on staring at both the laptop screen and alternately to the curriculum syllabus and the scheme of work to make sure I've listed all the things I should teach. I was completely in serene mode. Flowing water without halt and pauses. Get what I meant?

Practicum : Day 53, July 20th

Aiyah, all that trouble to sleep at the girls' house went away for nothing as this morning when we got to school, Puan Sakimi told us that the debate competition finals was postponed to Friday morning. Darn. Hey but at least for one thing, there's also a good reason why too. Because I kind of promised the girls from 1C yesterday that I would help them with making a new class timetable and cleaning schedule as their old ones were ripped apart by the morning session.

Practicum : Day 52, July 19th

Tuesday morning, I woke up early in the morning at 5.30am because of a terribly nightmare. What kind of nightmare? One where you're supposed to wake up early but woke up very late in dream. The shock of that dream woke me up thinking that I was really late but actually it was still early (5.30am). Anyway, because of that dream,  I couldn't go back to sleep as I was wide awake already. With that, I wouldn't want to waste anytime at all, so I ended up finishing all my lesson plans for the week. Which I did. Hurraaayyy! With that done, the only thing to do that morning was to wait for my uncle and auntie to go to work and head downstairs to print out all of the lesson plan.

Practicum : Day 51, July 18th

Because of the school's camping, my body was aching in almost every place and I could not wake up early to get everything started as on the 17th (last day of the camping), after I went back home to un-pack, wash my clothes and stuff, I went to sleep at 6pm in hopes that I might wake up again once more in the night maybe at midnight or so. But the tiredness dragged it all the way to Monday morning at around 5am in the morning when I suddenly bumped my head on the wall and woke up realizing that I was already crawling so far away from my mattress. I could say that I flew away in my sleep through across the room. Man, that was a bit too much, I guess.

School's Basic Camping Camp - Day 3

By the third day, we were greeted with a sun-shiny bright day. A little too bright if I may say so because I can feel the flare rising up to my body as I was sweating like a pig that day. But that didn't mess up the whole activity for the day. It started with some warming up exercises and straight away to the marching drill as there will be a marching competition between uniformed units later on. After the drill, it was time for breakfast.

School's Basic Camping Camp - Day 2

God, the experience of sleeping inside the tent without no pillows or blanket reminded me of the time I went camping with my housemates last two year in my foundation year, final semester where we decided to go to Port Dickson for two days and one night camping experience. Though the layout for the camp this time around is flat grassland, compared to the bumpy-not-flat texture of the sand by the beach, the temperature is definitely different. It is quite warm during the night instead of the cold wavy climate by the beach. Anyway, Day 2 of the camp started with the students are all being riled up after the morning Subuh prayer by 6.30am to warm up and get ready for morning exercises, which encompasses of some ...... 

School's Basic Camping Camp - Day 1

The first day of the three days Basic Camping Camp starts on Friday (15th July) at 3pm where I actually have school during that time. On Friday, the school area has been sealed off from all of the students to give room for the campers to use the school for their activities and sorts which means the rest of the students who didn't join the camping are all place in the Gemilang Hall for a session of 1 hour of motivational talks and 2 hours of movie screening of Rio.

Practicum : Day 45, July 9th

If you're all wondering why this post is suddenly out of line or I might be going cuckoo with so many practicum days blog update that I no longer know how to count or organize, no, you're wrong. This is the post on last weekend before the camping starts which is dated on the 9th of July which I never did manage to update on because I have no possession of the photos taken during that day. Which I finally manage to secure some but only through the aid from the school's magazine's department.

Practicum : Day 50, July 15th

Friday morning last week turn out to be such a relaxing moment as I get laze off on the couch watching TV and eating without no hassle as everything was already done for that day. The only thing that is left to do that day was to wait for my mother to bank-in the registration fee money for this semester and I will stop by Bank Islam to bank-it-in to the Unisel account.

But I guess things will never get too peachy perhaps as my mother had some complications to transfer the money and could only get it done by 1pm (which is already late considering I still might have to wait in queue at the bank and also rush over to the school before 2pm. Too bad for me that the bank only opens back after 2.30pm as it was Friday and muslim would all go to pray that time. So I had to for an hour at the Bank Islam till it's open.

Practicum : Day 49, July 14th

Waaaaahhhhhh.............. last night I slept quite early (before 12am) because I have nothing else to do. I have wrote all my lesson plans for the week and prepared everything. I've updated my blog and even uploaded some pictures of yesterday debate competition before it was 10pm and so after that I had nothing left to do. I tried to waste more time surfing Facebook looking for anyone to talk with but everyone else seemed busy. So I had to stop looking for someone to talk to and just went to sleep.

But because of the new bed sheet and pillow case which my auntie gave me, I wasn't able to wake up early like usual as I actually woke up almost 9am. Damn you comfy new sheets and pillow case! Anyway, the worst thing that happened today was actually me having a flu. If you're my classmates and even my previous schoolmates, you guys would've known how terrible and how bad it is when I am having the flu. Sneezing non-stop, runny nose, and especially short breathing (almost like an asthma attack where my lungs stopped breathing and I'm out of air).

Practicum : Day 48, July 13th

Don't be surprised. That is a picture. Hahahaha! I know I mentioned to you guys that I no longer have possession of a picture-taking device, and yes that is true. But these pictures for this blog post is all thanks to the school's documentation department as they have their own DSLR and since I've promised Puan Sakimi to help her with the Bahasa Malaysia debate competition, I was able to get a hold of it. But only pictures for the debate competition only.

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Practicum : Day 47, July 12th

What a delicious breakfast I had today. Because last night my auntie came back home late, my dinner was actually the Nasi Lemak my uncle bought for me. But while he was picking up my auntie last night, they went out for dinner at this Arabic restaurant in KL. And since I already fell asleep by the time they got home last night, they packed it up for me to eat as breakfast. It was Briyani Rice with Kebabs and Hummus. My god, it was delicious~ Just like the ones I ate during TESL Night this year.

The lunch I had today was actually not so bad. It was plain rice with pumpkin dish and fried eel cooked with sambal belacan. God, that was tasty too. I remember eating it so vigorously that I didn't even care about my surrounding. To your pondering or curiosity, no, I'm not that hungry. It is just that it really was such a good lunch.

Practicum : Day 46, July 11th

Guess you all have to bear with my blog post for a few weeks without pictures as I'm waiting for my PTPTN money to come out and buy my own camera instead of borrowing others for instance. So sorry if sometimes all-text blog post is going to bore you guys, I've had no other choice. And because I've promised myself to never stop writing about my daily practicum life, I'm going to do so........without pictures.

So this morning I don't know what hit me that I actually woke up by 4.50am over without me purposely wanting to wake up that early. Guess the effect of waking up early daily has gotten into me that maybe it is starting to form a habitual pattern. That's a good thing, I would think so.

Practicum : Day 44, July 8th

Hurm. Since my uncle wanted his camera back, there will be no photos or pictures in this blog post. And because of that reason, I might not want to drag this post to a lengthy one as I know people hate reading to much written info in my blog and more interested in the photos (I'm assuming....) I uploaded here. So, Friday morning turn out to be a good day for me. I had a delightful 'mereng' conversation with both Faizal and Nanie in Facebook and not any moments later, I went out of the house to go to Faiz's school. 

Practicum : Day 43, July 7th

Another day where I woke up early at 5.30am over happened once more?! I really hope that I could keep this up for a long time so that it will become a habit of mine. This is for me to train myself to wake up early in the morning without anyone else helping me. I really really do hope I can keep this up!

Practicum : Day 40, July 4th

 God, I can't tell how tiring today is. It's like the 1st of July (last Friday) all over again. If people all around the world would normally say 'Monday blues', but for today it's 'Monday havoc' for me. I can't even begin to tell how it started it. Let's just started with the usual. Hm, supposedly there's a parade drill today with the costume-fitting altogether, but my motorcycle has had its plate number broken and the helmet box's position was already broken too. I could only fix the plate number issue because it only costed RM1 for the screws but for the helmet box issue, I have absolutely no money for it as it will cost me about RM100++ over and it might take quite some time. I can't even tell how bad is the condition as I've hit way too many road bumps every day from home to school because of the shortcut that I took. It is a good shortcut but there's way too many road bumps in that road that it finally caused the metal inside my bike's compartment steeling the helmet box to be ripped apart.

Teacher's Day Off - Transformers

Let's get this finish quickly as I am already damn tired and exhausted by the time I'm writing this. After two weeks of planning to watch the third installment of Transformers, we finally set foot on our plan to execute it. So last Sunday (3rd July) was the day it all happened. To avoid overcrowding and human flooding at the B.O. counter at the GSC Cinemas, we decided to hit the road early. Technically, hit the KTM early because we wouldn't want to be bothered to drive all the way to Mid Valley, knowing that there will be so much congestion not to mention the parking issue at the more risk of losing more time. So, we decided to take the easy way of taking the KTM instead. By 8am over, we head over to the KTM Kajang to take the earliest train. Thank goodness that the train didn't take that long to arrive. But too bad Faiz couldn't join us. Apparently, his auntie fell sick and was brought over to the hospital for a serious case. So he had to bail on us for the plan and went back to Johor with his family to check up on his auntie. It's okay Faiz, we still got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part Two to get excited with.

Bloggers Sports Carnival at City Golf, Bangsar Shopping City

During the Larian 1 Malaysia program on that morning of 2nd of July, I received a call from Zuri (a blogger friend) inviting me to become her plus one at an event organized by Nuffnang and sponsored by CityGolf at the Bangsar Shopping City. Since I have not been to any event for ages, why would I would let go of this chance, no doubt, so I agreed.

Practicum : Day 39, July 2nd (Larian 1 Murid, 1 Sukan, 1 Malaysia)

Okay, I think there's not much to talk about on this post except for the fact that it is establish and known by all the schools around Malaysia informed by the government to organize a marathon on the 2nd of July and not one school is excluded from organizing this event. I wouldn't know what is the actual purpose of it since I wasn't in the board meeting when this event is being planned or even being discussed upon. SO, all I know was that this marathon is more than just to win a prize, it's too bond between students of different races in a mass community activity, that is which the marathon. Besides the students, the teachers and even the parents of the students are encouraged to join too.

Practicum : Day 38, July 1st

I know this is quite a late post for a daily update dosage of my practicum days but I just don't want to skip out any entries of it. So here's just a summary of what happened on Friday. Supposedly there's a parade drill like usual in the morning but I had matters to attend to so I couldn't come in the morning. Later when I was in school, Faiq, told me that they've added a new formation after the old ones and they're improving greatly. They asked me to ask permission from Teacher Kartini to allow them to practice tomorrow after the race (more on that on the next post). She agreed about it since she's very enthusiastic about it so damn much.
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