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Syakira's Birthday

Cute right?! That is what I wanted to buy for my cousin for her birthday last week Sunday, the day after Nawwar's Wedding but the problem is when I saw the price, I just choked! Hahahahaha!

So, last minute-shopping for my cousin's birthday was this post is all about. My auntie (the nice one, of course) asked me to accompany her find some present for her niece (my cousin), Syakira. And I don't know why but when it comes to gifts, my head will always pop out KLCC as a perfect place to find gifts though there are tons more malls to choose from. So, first place to go was Memory Lane for cards.

Damn, that huge bear is so fluffy and cute. And it is just RM600. Way cheaper than the ones in Times Square.

 That' the card my auntie chose for me since there was a promotion sale happening at the Memory Lane due to the renovation works that will be happening in a couple weeks later on. A buy one free one card promotion.

After Memory Lane, we finally set foot to find the gifts to be paired with the gifts. 

Yup, my auntie wanted to buy her niece a gold bracelet and guess how much it costs? A bloody fine of RM1099. Even I'm not that crazy to waste that much money on a birthday present to a niece or even a cousin. But she was just browsing around. Pheww...

 Next stop, Mark & Spencer.

My auntie finally fell in love with the children T-shirt and decided to buy that as Kira's present while I went to the food section because I was interested in it. 

and apparently it was an interesting endeavor as I bought my share of Kira's present there. A boxful of delicious chocolate chip and raspberry cookies. 

 After all the gift-hunting, hunger strikes and it was time to quench those thirst I've been having all along. As usual, the food court in KLCC never cease to amaze everyone as it is always pack and flooded with people. Like a swarm of bees just buzzing by here and there with all the noises.

Since there are possibly no place to eat at the actual food court seating, my auntie wanted to find an outlet which have their own seating and guess what? I finally ... finally ... FINALLY got the chance to eat at Sushi King!!!!!!

If you're one of my closest friend, you would have already knew of my obsession to Japan and their delicious food, SUSHI! And how I've been meaning to go eat at Sushi King like forever. And I guess that Sunday was my lucky day. I get to eat all the sushi I want and for free (in the sense that I won't have to pay, my auntie will).

 It was really a dream come true. aaaaahhhhh... such bliss. Eating those sushi, I feel like a Japanese already. Hahahahah.. silly right? Anyway, there, I learned more about types of sushi and that some sushi have alcohol based ingredient (which I learned the hard way after my auntie spank me in the head for taking the prep unagi which has alcohol smeared all over it for delicious taste and texture............darn!). I wanted to eat that unagi so much because it looked so good and delicious. But I didn't actually try a lot of the sushi types because I was scared of my auntie that she might spank me again and that I'm afraid that my gluttony will take over me and just grab a fucking lots and lots of sushi. In the end, I remembered I ate the sake, kani, ebiko, tamago, and chidiri. I actually took three plates of sake because it was damn delicious. If you're wondering, not Sake the sour rice drink equivalent to alcohol, but Sake as if in the Salmon Sake.

Anyway, after eating, it was time to leave and prepare ourselves for the birthday party that night which was held at the infamous restaurant for all the Astro Celebrities known as Restoran Intai-Intai. Kind of ironic, isn't it? The name of the restaurant despite the actuality that most Astro celebrities eat there because it is only know by celebrities and that no common people would ever find it if unless they know what they are looking for.

The food they served there are basically Thai food which tasted delicious for some dishes, and just bad for certain dishes. Their fish dishes especially. They fish are fresh but the taste is just....... not to my standards. Their other dish like the Tom Yam also is not that satisfactory despite the fact that they reclaimed their food as Thai food and Thai is famous for their out-of-the-word taste of Tom yam. Huh...........I'm assuming here so please don't get angry if I spread the wrong fact.

I don't know why but this time around, their birthday party just sucks. I think I like it much and way better when they organized it at McDonalds' or Shakey's like before. And this time around, the cake is not that delicious too..... I know, I know... I'm very ungrateful.

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