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PRS Excel Training Camp : Day 1

Friday afternoon before 2pm - I was at the girls' house relaxing after some tiring marching drill for the students' parade competition later July on the Sports day. While Zi Ling and Kak Yong are busy packing their things. I was in front in their living room, puffing and puffing away....

I left their house at 2.15pm, went to the teachers room, took some quick bite of all the marvelous food (refer previous post) and head over to the front gate once more by 3pm to see that the bus was already waiting for us.

The journey to the place was supposed to be about half an hour only because it wasn't that quite far. But because of some miss-communication between the teacher who was supposed to give directions and the bus drivers, we got side-tracked to a different route, and had to turn back quite far after we ventured to yet another blocked route. In the end, it was the first road that we took was the correct one.

 Finally, after 4pm over we made it to the Excel Training Resort.

After arrival, the students were gathered by the hall for a briefing for the entire three days, grouping the students, selection of the leaders, and so on. 

While the other teachers are sorting the students for the briefing, we went to the rooms that was reserved for the teachers. Yup, that's right. We are not going to sleep in a tent like the students, we'll be sleeping in chalet-like rooms with air-conditioner booming cool air while the students feel the heat and the warmth inside of the tent. 

 After the briefing, it was time to erect the tents.

This is how the inside of the tent looks like. After the demo by the staff at Excel, it was then time for the students to erect their tents on their own. It was fun watching them do it.

After tents were erected, group leaders are called forth to brief the students on rules and regulations, schedule, and blah blah blah.... then, it was time for dinner. An early dinner if I may say so. It was 6pm over by that time.

After that early dinner, students are let go to their tents to tend their needs, cleaning up, organizing their stuff, shower, relax, and the other are self-explanatory.

The orders were given during the briefing was that by 7.30pm, the Malay students would go to the surau and pray while the non-muslim students go to the hall for some ...........whatever session with Zi Ling to spend the time for the Malay students to finish prayer and all because the next activity will be starting at 9pm after Isya' prayer.

I decided to join Zi Ling and help her manages these students and play a little game with them just to kill some time. After a while, it was time for the motivational sermon. When I call it a sermon, it doesn't mean like those Muslim-type sermon, okay. 

It was quite a fun session as every minute or so, the students kept on laughing and the motivator keeps on spewing jokes after jokes and giving fun things to do. It was really enjoyable to look at those students play those jokes and giving messages and all. By 11pm, the talk was over and the students are let go to their respectful camps to sleep while group by group will take night shift each hour taking turns securing the perimeter, making sure everything else is fine.

Since we had early dinner that day, the girls and I were getting hungry by midnight, we took a loaf of bread from the food storage that was going to be used on the third day for the students to cook sandwich and ate it with the baked beans that Zi Ling brought from home.

After that supper, I went to sleep while Zi Ling, Kak Yong and another teacher was on watch from 12-2am, another teacher at 2-3am and that teacher woke me up for my turn at 3am to 4.30am. It was quite cold that morning and there was a beautiful full moon on the rise. It really was an amazing experience. To be continued on the next post..........

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