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Practicum : Day 37, June 30th

Today actually started pretty well I tell you. Everything was super peachy from the moment that I woke up at 6.20am or so. I got up, did some strecthing and didn't even went back to sleep. Pack up my stuff early for faster organization. Took a bath, pick up all my things and load it on the bike. But before I left, I managed to reheat myself the dishes from yesterday for today's lunch. Then I went to school and the time was perfect that I got there, Tini was also heading to the school too. We walked together to the sukantara and I stayed there for a while.

Then I went over to the parade drill students to check out on their progress since I didn't manage to yesterday because of the documentation of the sukantara. All I can say is that they're looking pretty sharp and even better. Now, there's just a matter of the formation being too short that it only took two minutes. We were thinking off adding a few more formation to fill up the gap of the formation being far too short. Supposedly we'll know how it will look like tomorrow. Then, drill was over and I went back to the room and bought breakfast for me as I was famished and I didn't want to touch the food that I've packed because I wanted to save it for later in the afternoon when I'll be hungry (which I know I will).

That's a lot of sambal right? Even the canteen worker was shocked of the amount when I scooped it myself.  Even CZL was shocked to see how much sambal I had on my Nasi Lemak. Well, I really like spicy foods and the canteen's Nasi Lemak is quite nice with its delicious sambal to boot.

For your information, before I entered the room, I was shocked to see this banner outside of the room. Apparently some optometrist company has decided to sell their newly release model of spectacles and to draw the customers (teachers) in, they offered free eye inspection. Not, they're not rigging the inspection so that it will make you think you need glasses, they're just simply giving free inspection to see the condition of the eyes and if it needed a higher power of seeing, then they'll recommend their glasses. But, even if you don't do the eye inspection they would also be glad to show you around their collections of glasses, which I tell you is quite stylish too. Especially the pink ones. I would just love to have to own it and wear it. Too bad that those are powered ones and me having a pretty good eyesight using those glasses are just a ridiculous motion. But they are lovely. I even got my eyes inspected. I found out that my right eye is getting a bit woozy as I can't read the letters they showed me with my left eyes closed. But my left eye is perfectly fine... Huh...

Oh by the way, that's me (if you haven't realized that I haven't been uploading my pictures so much anymore, it was because I don't like how I look like with my hair this short). Today, finally, Madam Neik came over to my class for the observation which sucks sooooo bad. Seriously, in my defense, there's three perfectly good reason why I did suck in this observation :

1. My lesson plan for the day was not made for observation-worthy as I wanted to have fun with my students for a while today because I've been giving them a lot of work lately. So, today's lesson plan was more or less a bit less educational and more on the practical side so that they could relax and have fun. Thus the low marks for class suitability of a lesson conduct, and because of this reason number one, a lot of my marks were deducted.

2. The students weren't cooperating at all for today. It is weird how they usually were so noisy and so into the lesson, participating in all of the class discussion but today, when Madam Neik was at the back of the class observing me, they all stoop silence. All of them, even the noisy ones like those three Chinese boys in the front who never cease to amaze me by talking and chatting like aunties at the morning market. Anyway, I knew that before when Madam Neik taught them, she rules with an iron claw, which means they're all afraid of her and wouldn't dare to make noises in the class. But with me, it was a different world as they had fun and were so noisy. So, to make the observation good, I pick those students who would usually knew the answers to give advantage to me, but when I call those good students, even they kept quiet like hell. Albeit the low marks on students participation in the lesson, and because of this reason number two, more marks were deducted.

3. I was a tad bit nervous. Essentially I really wasn't at all that nervous. But subconsciously, perhaps, because incidentally, I've mistook the maps for presentation stage with the ones for the practice stage, leading to a disaster in time management of the lesson. A lot of the time was spent by the students drawing the map, and that took a lot of time for the actual lesson to even begins. Eventually, another reason for my marks to be so low and disappointing.

I went over to the teacher's lounge to meet up with her after the class to talk and discuss about my observation details with her and she told me that most of my marks were solely based on my performance, not the students that much because she said she understood my condition with the students. Well, she did make a fair argument although I really did told her that if she didn't postpone the yesterday's observation to today, then she would have been much more satisfied because that was more of an observation-worthy lesson. So, the end results was that I got a C+. Bummer.

Because of that, my mood began to turn sour and I was seriously even exhausted to do anything such as marking my 1A essay books. Even when I was eating....

.... I didn't have tha much energy. I would take bit by bit into my mouth, swallowing them down like chunks of rocks although it really was such a delicious meal. What to do, my mood turned sour and gloomy. Even as I went over to the 1A students' class to teach them of the Boscombe Valley literature lesson, I was out of energy and weak.  I guess getting a C really demotivates me that much.

Well, enough of that depressing thoughts. Time to get all perky again. Thank god that by the time school finishes, my mood returned back to normal although whenever I think of it, even as I'm writing this down right now, I could feel the depression of it. *slaps face*

Back to the story, earlier this afternoon, KY told us that she received two KFC coupon of a-meal-for-two and the last date of validity was today.. so, we decided to spend tonight's dinner on KFC. It really was a valued price. For chickens, two burgers, two large whipped potatoes, and four drinks, all for RM38++ only. So each of us only had to come out with RM10.

Eating KFC really turned my mood around, and I was all happy once more.

Well, of course I wouldn't forget to buy my must-have-item-at-KFC, Cheesy Wedges, of course. That was a good dinner I tell you.

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