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Practicum : Day 36, June 29th

Uggghhhh I am so mad at myself. I was supposed to take pictures for today's sports event at the school but I arrived late. Why? Actually, I had woken up at 6.20am. To kill some time before moving out from the house, I decided to surf the net for a while. But the internet was down (weird?!) so I accidentally lie down on the floor. While I was lying down, I accidentally fell asleep. And guess what time did I woke up? 8.20am. Daaaammmmnnnn!! The sports event started at 8am and I was damn late already. Don't tell anyone but I skipped the morning shower and just packed everything in a rush to head to school. I even forgot to take out the trash, switch off the wireless connection in the house and do the dishes. Well, at least I make it to the school just in time for a lot more sections such as the disc-throwing, spear-throwing, bullet-throwing, high jump, far jump and the 4x400 sprint. The only ones that I missed was the 100m sprint for both boys and girls sections. Here are some of the photos I've taken today.

....and after a while, a massive roll of dark clouds descend upon the area...

.....and wept tears down upon us.......

After the unexpected rain, Puan Suria, the organizer informed that the for the rest of the event had to be postponed. After that, the students were allowed to leave and it was time for us teachers to leave too. I wanted to take a look at my parade drill students but it was already almost 10am so I thought to myself that I'll just take a look of them tomorrow instead where I'll be there the whole time. Now, what do I do in time to wait for afternoon session to start? Facebook games of course. But not before I finished marking these piles of books of course.

Since I had lots of time to spent because I had already finished writing all of my lesson plan for the weeks and even catch up on all of the weekly journals that I've missed, there is perfectly no reason for me to feel bad for playing the games during school time. Besides, it's not that I had other things to do while waiting. Because if I wanted to chat, Zi Ling and Kak Yong went to their classes so there's no one there to talk to me. So, game time it was.

School hours is starting and I was already super nervous of the fact that today is going to be my finally first observation after postponed two times already. And guess what, it was postponed once more. Damn it. But for today, there was actually no reason for the observation to be postponed at all. Even though the lesson was delayed because of a prolonged assembly, I still managed to finish the lesson in under 30 minutes that I had left to cope up with. Damn it. Another good lesson plan went to waste just because she thought that I won't have enough time. This is what we call midstream changes, my dear. We cope up with it and re-adjust and improvise it right there and then to keep the lesson going, which I manage to do, for your information. Sorry for the anger-centered statements for I was actually quite angry at my mentor giving so many excuses to come and observe me. It was good enough that I didn't want to replace her naughty students' class with another class while I have the opportunity to, which I didn't. Why can't she just come over and have a look. If you're that lazy, you could just come over for a few moments and then just give her marks. Okaaay..... enough about that for now.

Classes for today went well as I've planned it according to the lesson plan only that both classes today was delayed for quite some time for me to be able to implement the production stage where there's a game involved. Anyway, let's just keep that in mind for Wednesday's future lesson, cut short on the practice and practice stage to make room for production stage. It really was such a pleasure teaching those 1A students as they could comprehend my lesson in English unlike the 1C students where I had to translate quite a lot of time using Bahasa Malaysia almost all the time. Hmm....... what else to talk about?

Oh yeah, supposedly, for our usual-night-market-night tonight, we decided not to buy foods from the night market and decided to cook instead. This brought us back to the conversation between CZL, Faiz and I on Monday morning. She told me that she cooked pasta noodles Chinese style for the day and I told her I want some. Then Faiz drop in our conversation and said that he wanted to eat that too. So we decided to get together and cook the food. Supposedly, Faiz would come and bring over the ingredients in the evening before Tini and I got back from the school so that they could cook ahead. But Faiz, assuming that he did, fell asleep on the afternoon and had forgotten to come over and bring us the ingredients. So, we had to go to the night market and bought dinner there. What was it?

The usual Fried Yong Tow Foo, of course.... hahaha!

uhhhh............. I guess that was it for today then......

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