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Practicum : Day 35, June 28th

Finally, after a couple of days of coming in late for the parade drill since last week, I finally managed to come early today. Right after 8.10am. And it was just starting, so not that late, right? If you look at the picture above, there's something or at least someone different in that formation. Who was it? It's this guy.

A Form 4 morning session student borrowed by Kartini from his class to educate the parade walkers to be more in-sync and more choreographed. He had experiences in this kind of thing and besides, he's more stern than that of Azizi who is from 1 Wafi who is small in size, commanding those who are older than him and way more taller than him. No insults there, just a fact. Besides, because of that fact too, those students under his commands aren't listening well and aren't respecting him as a commander. So, it's better to bring this outside force to help them out. Well, not exactly an outside force. He's actually a member of the YellowHouse too. Not that he's meddling with the students' progress or what, but instead, he helped improving on the choreography so much and now it look so much better. Note here, I don't know what would look nice doing marching drills and know less about the steps so... aaah.. you understand. Besides, I would do much better coaching a cheerleader group than a marching group.

As usual, after the drill, I head straight away to the room only to be stopped halfway at the assembly hall by Tini, who had finished coaching her own students from the Red House.

She told me that her students still doesn't have any formation and proper steps yet. And most of them aren't really enthusiastic about it. Huh, what to do? They're all girls. Though the commander is a strict commander, she's not stern enough to the girls. Maybe she ought to do punishment for them. Tini told me of her idea for the formation and actually it's quite not bad. Now, where to get those pom poms?

Hummm.... after helping her out for a while, I went over to the room and saw both Zi Ling and Kak Yong surfing the net. Well, the wireless signal was quite before it strikes 12 when there's no more coverage into the room. Damn, that's not good. Anyway, I received the relief notice for 1P for the first and second period. That is one of those devil classes where the students are totally rude, problematic and troublesome. I was scared enough to even go to that class but luckily for me, Kartini called me off during the assembly today to help out her with the marching students for a while as she wanted to see their progress with the help of that Form 4 student, Amri. That drilling took out quite some time off that it actually exceeded the allotted time for first and second period (which is the exact time for my relief), so it is safe to say that I got lucky today to never go to that class.

Man, talking about relief classes, why do these teachers like to skip classes so much? It's very troublesome. I'm not complaining but I'm stating the fact that there are other teachers who have more responsibilities than to take over your classes. If you think that being a teacher entitles you to do this kind of matter so many times, then don't be one. But on a another point of view, I would understand the teachers' fatigue and dilemma because of all the students in that school. Not to mention the external factors such as the teacher might be pregnant or an aging woman who doesn't have enough strength. Okay, that's enough rambling already.

Okay, like yesterday, I had quite some free time before recess to do the two lesson plans which I had not manage to complete yesterday. Now, I'm happy that I had finished writing all the lesson plan for this week and I can't wait to execute them as it is looking good right now. The only problem is the nervousness or the thought of my first observation (after being postponed so many times already. Finally, I hope...) is driving me crazy with some nervous cell working at their maximum output. I'm quite scared actually. Let's just hope that tomorrow would go well. Because I really wanted to impress Madam Neik and this is the 1 Cekal we're talking about. The start of those naughty rascals classes.

Aside from that, I had some trouble of teaching them the supposedly comic novel of The Boscombe Valley Mystery to the students. Yes, its easier to teach them with all the pre-made easy questions inside it, but it doesn't cover the literature components aspects such as characters, characteristics, plot, moral values, settings, and a couple more. Thar's the only problem I'm having right now.

This is a picture of my 1 Amanah students who is doing their group work task I delegate to them. Yes, group works. Because of my previous difficulties with 1 Cekal students asking them to do group works, I was afraid to test it out to these students. Luckily, they could handle the pressure of it and actually they did quite a good work. I'm impressed. That's a relief. So, that is a sign indicating that I could apply some rules of cooperative and collaborative task in the lesson.

HHmmm... what else to talk about? Oh nothing much other than the fact that I am super scared and nervous that I might not be able to wake up by 7am tomorrow morning to depart to the school and make sure that I would arrive there before 8am as I'm the assigned teacher for documentation of the sports day tomorrow, replacing Mahashela, the supposedly photographer of the school with her DSLR. We had a talk and she asked me to cover for tomorrow's pictures and she would do it for Thursday. Huh, let's just hope that I could wake up early enough and take good pictures. I don't want to disappoint her.

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