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Practicum : Day 34, June 27th

Man, it was cold this morning. I was woken up by the chilly atmosphere caused by the prolonged rain. And because of that same damn prolonged rain, I had to delay my departure to school. It took quite some time actually. I had to leave the house after 10am over. Which led me to the school about 11am or so. I did remembered that I punched in at 11.05am or something.

 Because I was hungry and didn't even manage to had breakfast at home (not because there's no food, but because I hadn't been cooking for quite some time and I was kind of lazy to do so) I asked Zi Ling to accompany me to the canteen to buy some foods. I was actually hoping to buy Nasi Lemak but they were out of it and since I only had RM2 in my wallet, that's the only thing I could buy (picture above).

Well, luckily for me, Tini agreed to lend me RM5 for lunch money which she did when she came over to the school at 12pm over. She hand me the money and we went to the canteen to buy some food. Rice with dishes of course. Thanks, Teen.

But we couldn't finish our lunch as it was already 1pm and the formal assembly had begun. So we stopped eating and went for assembly. Today's talk of assembly mentioned about the naughty students (boys) from our school invading the SK Semenyih and went vandalizing all the things there such as doors, chairs and even desk. My oh my, what is the future generation coming into these days?

Anyway, after the assembly, I helped out Madam Neik with the Crossword Puzzle competition which was held right away after the assembly was finished.

It was actually quite fun to see them answering it while trying to race time with the others. Madam Neik refused to do it the way that I did it during my school time, which was asked the students to pay up RM0.20 for each submission which must be send before the end of the day. She thought that students will cheat if we let them do it that way. Thus, she made it into a race-like competition where those who manage to answer all those puzzles correctly and in a short time, will win. I don't question her method as it does provide more challenge to it but what I don't like was the entries. Because she compile both Form 1 and Form 2 altogether, so there's a handicap for students that are Form 2 as they have better vocabularies. And besides, I did pass up to her about seven crossword puzzles and she only used one. Ah, heck.

The only that stole my attention away the whole time was how Madam Neik looked like. I don't know how many of the teachers realized this or not but she is very pretty. I bet she looked stunning in her twenties. Too bad she always ties her hair up in a bun because she looked awesome hair-down.

After the assembly, there was supposed to be a meeting on the sports carnival and the sports day which will be held on the 9th of July at the UKM. But since I helped out with the crosswords puzzles, I got there late and the meeting was almost over. Zi Ling covered for me, informing them that I had errands to do. Thank you very much Zi Ling. Although I do want to attend the meeting so bad because it explains a lot on the matters of the sports carnival which I don't quite understand.

Nevertheless, I would learn more about it if I actually come later this week on Wednesday morning (which I will be only that I might be late) because that's the first day of the sports carnival where Tini and I had been assigned as juries of disc-throwing competition. I have no experience on that whatsoever and I hoped that Tini would be able to educate me as she had the luxury of doing so last week for the competitive scoring week between each color houses.

After a while, the teachers finally left the conference room and we finally had the room to ourselves. But there wasn't that much of a difference between they being there or not as I couldn't get any good signal from the school's wireless internet connection. Our hypothesis for that statement was that the school library change their signal setting into shorter range so that our location is too far to be able to receive any signal. Damn it!

So instead, I spent the whole afternoon writing out lesson plans for this week. I managed to finish up four lesson plans under three hours as those were the actual time I had left after all the errands I had to do such as decorating the English board, marking and scoring the crossword puzzle entries, inspecting the students' journal entries for my term paper data, and also marking the students' passed up homework.

After school, I did not go back directly but instead I stayed for a while at the girls' house as I wanted to taste the chocolate pudding Zi Ling mentioned in the afternoon that she might cook. And so she did. For me, it tasted like jello which I don't like. But hey, no complaints whatsoever. The taste is good and it is nice, it is just that I don't like those kinds of pudding. Before I leave, I manage to pester Zi Ling cooking her dinner, fried frankfurter and an omelet.

For my dinner, I don't know why but I wasn't feeling of eating at home so I asked Faiz out for dinner which we went to Malee's. While waiting for the foods to arrive (which took quite some time actually), I managed to talk over the plans for this Sunday with him. What is going to happen this Sunday? Let's just wait for it, okay?

He ordered Nasi Goreng USA, while I ordered some plain rice, a fried egg, and Sambal Sotong Masak Pedas. Those tasted really nice. And I love their sambal belacan. If only the foods there aren't so expensive, then I would reconsider that restaurant for a regular dining spot with Faiz.

Bon apetit~ well, that's it for this post.

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