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Practicum : Day 33, June 25th

Another Saturday stolen from the supposed to be relaxation. Okay, I've got to stop blaming the school for taking Saturday morning of the relaxation period. It is the responsibility of a teacher to sacrifice his life for education *sarcastic*.

 Today, schools everywhere around Selangor is organizing the record book distribution day where parents get to come to school and hear about anything they wish to know of their children behavior in school, their grades, their performance, their commitment in classroom education and so forth. But most parents are more excited of the fact to get to know their children's grades, be it good or bad, and also,  how they behave in school; be it they are active in school activities, helpful or just plain full of disciplinary issues.

Even all the 'big guns' in school took part too. Who are they?

 The GKMP of Mathematics and Science

The KP for languages 

The PK1


The Penyelia Petang

..and even our lovely and wise Headmistress.

And what was our task on this day? To promote the upcoming One Malaysia Jogathon on the 2nd of July (next week's Saturday) to the parents and hopefully get them to signed up. We set up a booth for the parent to fill in applications for it but it seemed kind of a bit not useful so we split up into two teams. While Tini and Kak Yong tended the booth, Zi Ling and I went around the school with extra forms asking parents to sign up. Well, it was daunting task and knowing that most parents have no interests in joining (after countless failures and rejections received from the parents), we stopped halfway.

But later, we were given task to cover for some teachers who had to leave for a while to pass out record books to the parents. While we have no authority to actually explain to the parents about their performances, we are still able to pass out the grades to the parents and how it fare in the modern needs. Most parents are unsatisfied of their children's performance, given the rating of all the naughty students in this school, it is no surprise that most of them received low grades for a lot of papers.

After a while, we finally gotten free of the task and were given food to eat. On our way to the canteen to eat, we were stopped by this promoter of an electrostatic magnetic charge cushion company to test out their product and learn of the science behind it.

This promoter lady give her all best to explain to us of the effects and the science of it.
Good presentation, by the way.

It was actually quite fun to sit at the cushion because we can feel that our body was overwhelmed with electromagnetic static charges. I learnt it the hard way when I accidentally touched Zi Ling and both of us got zapped. Ouch, that was painful. Seriously.

After we had our brunch, the teachers are permitted to leave and so we did. Despite the insufficient sleep last night (slumber party), we were too exhausted to do anything and went back home to sleep.

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