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Practicum : Day 31, June 23rd

Daaaannnggg! Because my brain was all hyped last night and spend quite some time after 12am writing not one, not two, but FOUR lesson plans one after another, I was wide awake until 4am which then I decided to get some sleep in hopes that I could at least sleep at least two to four hours before waking up early to hit to the school for the parade drill. But unfortunately I woke up at 8.50am over which makes me stumbling to pack everything up and get ready to go to school. I finally arrived at school by 9.20am which is fortunately earlier than the students because they had sports training before the drill.

 Like yesterday, the fuss is all about the new formation and students not committing at all, today's issue was the costumes and the slogan for the parade. Which I have to come up with by tomorrow... dangggg... how am I supposed to figure out what to say .... if it was in English, then there'd be no problems but it is in Bahasa Malaysia... *brain-fart*

After the drill, as usual, I would go to our room in hopes to find Zi Ling or Kak yong but both of them weren't there. So I decided to organize my unisel file because I will be sending it to the Penyelia Petang for checking of the lesson plans.

Damn, I kept of scratching my head trying to organize these papers into the file. Thank goodness that I remembered Zi Ling's teaching yesterday on how to organize the file and now I like the way the file looks like. So neat and organized!! *over-excited*

By 12pm, there's the annual meeting for all the afternoon session teachers about the recent information or complaints. Today's talk was about the loss of chairs and tables and how students neglect to lock their classroom before they leave the classroom during the last period, and that leads to lots of missing chairs and desks. They were discussing on agreement between the morning session teachers and the afternoon teachers to lock their classes during the interval. Such heated debate was burning with rage as the teachers keep on blaming the morning teachers for forgetting to remind their students to lock their classes....

The second issue was about the disciplinary measures to be exercised on regularly for students who kept on skipping classes or schools, those who makes troubles such as fighting and arguing, and blah blah... by that time, I was getting super sleepy already....

Moving on to the classroom lessons, today was supposed to be my first observation like what I've mentioned on the previous post. Madam Neik was already all set for the observation and she did comment on my lesson plan to be quite okay and organized but the didn't manage to actually execute the observation because of most of the students are missing during the changing of periods as the Malay students were out to pray. So once again, she told me that she would like to postpone the observation. Dang!

As far as I'm concerned, I really wanted her to observe today's lesson because today was actually the first time that the lesson went quite well as I planned it in the lesson plan. But too bad she wanted to postponed it. So, all I can say was today's lesson was a breeze. 1C students are finally committing to the lesson and concentrating during my teaching. The naughty students were even taking part in the lesson instead of playing around at the back of the class.

For 1A, however, I misinterpret the timetable again thought that the class starts at 5.40pm but instead it started at 5.05pm. During that time, I was in the room marking all the journal entries for my term paper project. FYI, I'm getting super bored of marking those journals because there were lots of journal entries. Some of them are funny and interesting while some of them are just simply lazy writings.

It was then at 5.20pm that three representatives from 1A students came to the room reminding me of the lesson. I was super embarrassed in front of the students and excused myself as being busy. In order to actually keep the lesson intact, I gave them work to do in my absence. So, in a way, there's still learning happening for that class, just that there's no teaching involved. Back to the journal entries, these are some of the reasons why I got bored of marking their entries.

Some of them are lazy (see below) and just simply took my mood out to mark anymore. And some of them have terrible handwriting (see below too), too bad that I can't actually decipher whatever 'cacing-kerawit' type of handwriting they gave me to read. Just look at it. Can you actually see the letters or the words. I seriously gave up on them. Some of them are lazy that they repeated the same thing almost days after days in the journal. For those kinds of entries, I just skipped it out.

Finally, we're reaching the end of today's post. Dinner time. Since Tini is still fasting today like the last three days, whenever it is time to get back home, she was super hungry. But the problem for today was that Kak Yong did not cooked dinner and hoped that Tini would make her own dinner. The real problem was that there are no more food to be cooked at home. I decided to stay over for dinner with them as to figuring out how to help break-fast with foods.

We went to Zi Ling's room and discussed about dinner. Then we thought of McDonald's since I'm craving for those GCB which have been released once more earlier this week. We thought of McDelivery.

 We even surfed the internet of menu available online for delivery service. It all started well until the McDonald staff told us that there are no deliveries to Semenyih. We were darn frustrated!!! And I thought I could finally satisfy my craving for the GCB. Then we thought of ordering pizza as they also had delivery service. The problem with our situation was that there are not enough transportation. My motorbike can only carry me and Tini. If so, how about Zi Ling...that would be unfair. That's why we decided to have food delivered instead. But frustration struck again once more after the Pizza Hut's staff told us that there are no deliveries to Semenyih. I mean what the hell........... Finally, we decided to hit .........

.... the KFC in pekan Semenyih. Tini and I went over there with my bike (both not wearing helmets... the risk of getting halted by the polices are very high!) while we took the order for Zi Ling.

There weren't so many people in the KFC, that's a good thing as per everyone is already started to get really hungry. So, the faster we get the foods, the faster we shoot back home, and the faster we will be able to eat. But there's this particularly snotty bitch a.k.a. our cashier counter that is so not customer-friendly. She works slowly, she didn't even smile, and she didn't asked us which beverage would we like. She just simply fill in Pepsi for all of us. While I actually never liked Pepsi that much and I wanted Strawberry Mirinda instead while Zi Ling wanted Mountain Dew. And when I asked for extra chili sauce packets, she just gave me three. So annoying. Didn't even say 'your welcome' when we thanked her. Such a bad attitude.

On Monday, I actually didn't satisfy my cravings for Cheesy Wedges, so today I had the utmost pleasure to eat as much as I can because I have extra cash than on Monday. Sooo yummm!!!! After dinner, our topic of conversation was more on about hygiene and hygienic care using products... more specifically, skin products. As I have little knowledge of how to take care of my skin, particularly my face, they taught me on which product is more useful and what kind of skincare products should I used and not used. I told them my situation and they told me that I should use more water-based products to cleanse the oil instead of matte products to keep my skin dry.... ooohhh so many input was given in so little time. Perhaps I should just bring both of them whenever I want to shop for skincare products.... hahahaha

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