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Practicum : Day 29, June 21st

Last week I started monitoring the students from the Yellow house and this week, I'm entitled to go and invigilate their progress too. That brings me another burden of having to wake up earlier than I am used to.. which is earlier than 8am because the students starts training at 8am over and I usually woke up at 8am. Dang. So today I woke up at 8am. And guess what, I am late. So I rushed doing everything like I'm used to only for the exception of printing lesson plans because I have not written any. I reheated the leftovers and pack it over to go to school as I don't have much time to be eating first.

 As I got there, the students had already started training. What do you expect, I arrived at 8.45am okay. They were practicing their formation and turning today. Not that I'm complaining but they are still lacking in the synchronization department where after turning or formation, the steps of "kiri, kanan, kiri, kanan" is only the same via spoken but their legs are the other way around.

 After the marching parade training, it was time to go into the conference room four daily dosage of free wifi, and head-scratching lesson plan writing moments. And once again, I failed to do so as I am stuck on a mental block. Dang!

Too pass our time today, I spent most of my time on Facebook and inspecting students journal entries for my term paper research. And also trying to write Chapter 3 but only to get drawn back by laziness and procrastination.

Next, for the launching of this Language Month, I am in charge of finding the crosswords puzzles but I can't seem to find any suitable ones that can fit the proficiency levels of this school.. I am stuck once again.

Even Zi Ling was nice enough to help me find some. But in the end, I had still need to find some. Perhaps I'll find some after this blog post....

Feeling bored looking for crosswords puzzles, suddenly we shifted our topic of conversation to state songs such as the Terengganu State songs, the Kelantan state song, and some of our school songs...

Dang, that was such a funny moments. We ended up doing some karaoke-ing session in the conference room. Thank goodness that there weren't any meeting hold there while we were busy singing. It was really funny!

Today was my first time entering the new class of 1 Amanah, replacement of 1 Wafi which I had changed last week and now I know why Tini like so much teaching 1 Unik as they were clever, so did I with 1 Amanah. I had no problem conversing in English with them at all. They understood me well, so that is one problem down for my later observation about language usage in the classroom, the other problem which I am more troubled with is the still the same issue of class management as they are no different from the other class that they are very noisy and playful. But that is just an assumption as I have not started teaching them yet. Perhaps we'll see tomorrow when I started teaching them.

On the other hand, 1 Cekal is still as rebellious as ever. Noisy non-stop and less concentration. Perhaps I really need to take into account of explaining things less and more work done for them so that I could avoid meaningless chatter with them trying to explain the grammar function of each parts of speech.

After the classes, it was time to mark our students' homework which we gave and the answers are just as funny as how it used to be...

I met with quite a lot of spelling errors today. Though it is disappointing to see they make mistakes, it is another thing to see it in a funny way of spelling things. Such as the one up there and even the spelling of 'shopping complex' turned into 'shopping complaks'. Where the hell that they get that from???

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