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Practicum : Day 28, June 20th

Most of my time today from the moment I woke up until the end of school was updating my blog and uploading photos to Facebook. What do you expect, a three days worth of blog post and a total of more than 600 pictures taken in those three days. From loading the pictures into the blog, writing, and then waiting for facebook to upload another batch of photos. That took quite some time. Each blog post was spent about more than two hours. To load the photos, to arrange them, and two blog at the same time. Then while writing, Facebook is uploading the pictures. 100++ pictures took about 80 minutes to be uploaded, due to the slow internet access....

Since I was practically absent on Friday, I was not in the office to accept their homework but some of them did pass up on Friday and I ended up marking those that send in their work... well only a few....

It has been quite a while that there wasn't any official assembly and finally this week it hit it. Well, mainly because it is the launch of the Bulan Bahasa.

I'll be in charge of the Crossword Puzzle while the Jejak Bahasa will be handled by both Tini and I after we get the official note from Teacher Mahashela.

A choral speaking performance performed with all four languages : Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tamil and Chinese. It was really quite entertaining. I've forgotten how fun it was since the last time I did it during my school years...

I gotta say, I'm not complaining that we were placed at the conference room for our tables since there are so many perks of staying there. First of all, where the teachers' room have only fans, we have both fans and air-condition, making the room cool as always. Second, it is darn spacious and we could do our work easily as the tables are quite wide. Third, it is quite close by to the library, given the range of the wi-fi, we would get good access to the internet and that the internet was always quite fast. Fourth, safety measures. Since the room practically belongs to us, we could leave things unattended there and no one would steal our stuff since only teachers are allowed to enter there and not grabby-hand kind of students. And last but not least, free foods at least every week.........

Why do I say like that? Because at least once in a week, there would be some high committee meeting held there and there would always be foods served. And as usual, there would be a lot of the foods untouched. After the meeting ends, and once all the teachers left the room, we were able to eat those free foods. Thus, saving money for lunch intake.

Like today, for example, there's Fried Noodle. Well, most of the time there was always fried noodle and I'm getting quite bored of eating noodles already.

But that doesn't throw away the fact that I could save more money by not eating at the canteen. So, it is always wise to just appreciate what was in front of us. So, fried noodles it is. And I tell you that today was completely bliss for me as everything was going accordingly to plan as the new timetable was established, I've got better classes. I'll be teaching 1 Amanah and 1 Cekal from now on. A slight of a better option from the Wafi classes which keeps on bringing trouble to me. That, and the new timetable gives me a more flexible hour by Monday and Friday as I've got no more classes on those two days but that leaves me busy with two classes a day for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And I've told you about updating blogs and photos earlier in this post and that it would take a long time. Thank goodness for the internet at school and free schedule, I've got plenty of time to do those things. And I've also managed to finish writing and drafting out all the missed out lesson plans last week. Now, my prior needs is to draft and write out lesson plans for this week carefully as per I have new class to teach and that my first observation from my 1C GP, Madam Neik is going to happen this Thursday. My new GP for 1A gave me time to get used to the class before moving on to the observation and that is why I said today was a good day.

But that wasn't the end of the good day. After school, Faiz wanted to hang out as we haven't for quite a while after the holidays and since I was busy with the camp during the weekends, we couldn't spend some time with each other. We agreed to meet at the KFC nearby Metropoint Kajang as I was craving for some Cheesy Wedges.
And guess who we bump int there? Emma and Myza! What a coincidence. There was even Emma's little twin sister Mia too. We spent time talking and catching up on both our experiences  teaching and all. It was so much fun. I missed her and how we used to do a lot of perky things together! She even looked quite pretty wearing scarf.

And there was another good thing by the time we got home. We meaning both Faiz and I as he wanted to come over and borrow my external hard disk to take more of the Charmed season episodes to complete his Charmathon. By the time we got inside, the living room was filled with the smell of sweet bakery. I went to the kitchen and say Bread & Butter pudding in the oven, fluffing up. My auntie said that Faiz is lucky that he came that day. And it really was such a delicious Bread & Butter Pudding, topped with sweet vanilla custard sauce. YUUMM!!!

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