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Practicum : Day 27, June 17th

As I got three more post which includes a freaking whole lots more of pictures during the camping last weekend, I'll just cut this one short okay?

Friday morning I had to come early to school to invigilate the students from the Yellow house who'll be parading later during the Sports Day in July. It was fun once in a while to torture students to march drill instead of doing it like last semester's holiday during the practicum course where we had to march drill but much more insanely tiring and under the blazing heat of the scorching sun in Unisel.

After the drill, I went back the girls' house to rest for a while until 2pm where afternoon session school starts. But I would only be at school for 45 minutes after 2pm because I'll be joining the three days two nights camping activity at the Excel Training Resort in Broga, Semenyih. But at least before I had to rush off to facilitate the students undergoing the camp by bus, I managed to squeeze in a little quickie between 2.30pm to 3.50pm at the Teachers' Room where they were having a mini celebration/farewell party for the teacher who had their relative wedded a couple days back and for those two other trainee teachers other than us. Remember Beron and Nazirah? The other trainee teachers in that school from UPM? Well, last Friday was their final day there so they did a little farewell party for them where the teachers bring their home-cooked food, ranging from one thing to another.

My obvious selection was this Oreo Cream Cheese Cake which kind of a bit melted by the heat and was not firm enough to be hold by hand. Instead we have to scoop it out of the Tupperware. Although it was melted and looks uninteresting, the taste was heavenly!

Although I wish I could just eat the cream cheese without those Oreos because I'm not a fan of Oreo at all and they were kind of way too salty to be complemented with the sweet cream cheese. But it really was still delicious.

While Tini was still eating, I had to left her to eat alone with the other teachers because it was almost 3pm and Zi Ling, Kak Yong and I were supposed to be there before 3pm and sort the students who is going camping into the according buses. Thank goodness that my auntie let me borrow her digital camera for this camping trip because I wanted to take lots and lots of picture of it. And when I do say  lots and lots of picture of the three days two nights camping trip, I really did took a hell lots of them. Do you know how much picture was taken altogether? 700+ pictures was taken. It would be a lot more if the picture could provide good night vision quality pictures where the students are doing some night watch. Okay okay... let's save those for later.

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