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Practicum : Day 26, June 16th

Gasp, I woke up late at 8am sharp this morning whereas I was supposed to be at school at 8am sharp for the Sukantara Athlete Selection Training for yellow house. Yikes! I did not had any breakfast at all, just took a shower, get dressed, pack up my things and vrrooommm vrroommm I went. I arrived at school about 8.40am. I met up with the head of the house and she asked me take time for sprinters, help with the 'lompat jauh' part and the marching parade.

Although I'm not a fan of yellow and never have been a member of the yellow house even at my time at school, I was not reluctant to be in the yellow house in this school because history in the school shows that yellow house always win each year. So.. heheheheeh~

After the training that morning there was this big meeting for all teachers because of the visit from PPD. They got the result of the inspection and they evaluated it altogether. Man, that was one big meeting I tell you. There were tons of teachers in the conference room. None like I have ever seen before. So many of them. The room was packed with teachers. There's a lot of issue being discussed such as the P&P evaluation, curriculum syllabus, teachers' enthusiasm when teaching, class control, disciplinary measures and blah blah blah... I swear to you that if this meeting had been done during the afternoon, I would have fallen asleep. Thank god that it was held in the morning where our brains is still quite fresh and not drowsy enough of the cold temperature of the room and the fact that there are tons of carbon dioxide exuded by teachers bringing about less oxygen and when there's not enough oxygen, the brain stopped moving at an accelerated motion and when that happens, we tend to get sleepy... easily.

 At 1pm, the meeting was over. It started at 11.40am............ can you count how long that is. But that was just the afternoon session's teachers to brief. After that, its the morning session's teachers turn. Another one hour and half of good juicy talks to drive me and girls to yawning a hell lot. It finally ended at about 2.10pm where I had to leave for class at 2.25pm. But we wouldn't want to waste the foods that was served for the teachers for the meeting so......... eat up!

Finally, today, I had my revenge on those darn rascals. What I did for their lesson today was the silent treatment. I did not speak a word at all. I went inside the class, start jotting down notes and the exercises one after another and keep on showering them with lots of exercises. They finally realized that I was upset. Like really upset. Huh, serves them right!

Other than that, there wasn't much interesting matter to talk about other than the fact that I'm exuberantly excited for the 3 days 2 night camping trip to a resort by the foot of Broga Hill starting tomorrow!!!!! See you guys on Sunday!!!!

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