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Practicum : Day 25, June 15th

As it turns out today, I practically had nothing to do. Well, technically yes, I still do have a class but the class is at the far end of the day, the last period where those dumb-dumb students could ever think about is going back home and since yesterday's lesson was put on hold because I had lost control over the students yesterday, I have no need to write a new lesson plan, just continue the same lesson plan. Okay, more about that later on.

Now, I had no relief classes to undertook today so I had all my time free today but just as I wanted to browse the internet and watch some videos on youtube, the internet server at the school was down. Oh, bollocks. Thank goodness I still had some game inside my laptop, the NDS games of course. I ended up spending almost all afternoon before my class on games.

 Yup, that's Valkyrie Profile : The Covenant of the Plume platformed on Nintendo DS but since I got the emulator from Faiz, I could play the game. And being a fan of Tri-Ace games such as VP  Lenneth and VP Silmeria, I could not but adore this game too. It brought back the beautiful artwork of the characters from VP Lenneth, where einherjar is unique and packed with their background story giving meaning to the game itself rather than VP Silmeria where those einherjar means nothing but fodder to build the ultimate character once you've got their stats maxed out. Anyway, the only problem I faced on this game was the extreme lagging sometimes which I assume must have been because the insufficient graphic on my laptop, and that the voice for scenes in the story was taken out rather than the original Japanese version where there are voices most of the time. Huh.

Anyway, after a prolonged moments of playing games finally the last period came over for me to start the class. But since the students from 1C was back from PJK, and asking them to go back to their class would be a colossal waste of time, I thought it would just be okay if I do the class activity at the school assembly field instead. My lesson was resumed with the idea of using Malaysia as a context for a presentation where the students have to work in groups, design a poster like the one on the right here, and present their work. Well, I seriously thought they would do this much better than the last activity I asked them to do an advertisement which they suck, terribly..... I gave them time to do it and asked that they would do it quickly as we did not have enough time before the school bell rings indicating the end of the period which means, the end of the school today. I guessed that when I had that plan, I miscalculated the same effect that happened with the advertisement activity. They wounded up not knowing what exactly to do and I  had to waste a lot more time explaining to them. Man, it is tough teaching these snot-nosed brats. Let alone even bear their noisy chatter and their naughtiness.

In the end, only one group manages to finish up quickly and present their work. By the time the second group came in front to present, the bell rang and all of them just simply left like that. Oh god, I am so damn frustrated. That's it. I mean it, not more Mr.Nice Guy. Tomorrow, they'll just have to suffer. I am going to keep my mouth shut the whole time and see if they understand what it means to be ignored.

After school ended, we went back home, put our stuff away and went to the night market.

Too bad for me, I have zero cash in my wallet so I ended up borrowing money from Zi Ling for food. But my budget was only RM5 so.........

I only get to watch Tini bought her delicious Nasi Lemak as I waste my though counting when am I going to pay back Zi Ling's money because I wanted to buy the Fried Yong Tow Foo as usual but I also wanted to buy that Nasi Lemak. aiyaaaaaaaaa..............

Even passing to our usual cake stall, I could just look and smell at them, not able to buy anything. Such temptations...........

As usual, we had matter of topic of conversation to light up the mood while eating. I opened up with the issue of Hepatitis B and somewhere around that because I don't know what is it the actual connection between that and sharing a nail clipper could affect me. They taught me well about it now that I know the danger of sharing some hygiene equipment such as toothbrush, nail-clipper, body loofah, and lots more.

Then our conversation went from that to something about breast-feeding, woman in labor and pregnant, guy's circumcision, to breast sizes and cups, to old dangling breasts and finally ended at how having sex before marriage is just not right.....

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