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Practicum : Day 24, June 14th

I got up late today and had to rushed everything over during the fixed interval of time after I woke up and took a shower to the moment I had to leave the house for school. Multitasking I did, from printing lesson plan to reheating leftovers to printing paper again to eating to printing paper once more to cleaning the dishes to printing some more to packing my things and finally printing some more papers. Boy, it was hectic.

And I did came to school a bit close to shave as I punched in at 12.50pm. That was late enough for me. My record never exceed 12.50pm before this and I planned to do so. Unless Friday of course, because of the Jumaat prayers.

There was definitely a lot of walking here and there today because of the new time table schedule. Because the new timetable was written on a basis of all the permanent teachers and not us since we practically part time teachers so we had to go around our GPs and photocopied their timetable to make our own. The lucky one was Kak Yong as the new time table did not mess up her old ones and even better now that she has one day free without subject. So lucky. The unlucky ones were Zi Ling, Tini and I as our timetable had overlapping subjects from one class to another. Like Zi Ling, she had to let go one of the classes and took another one. Damn, that's one more ice-breaking to be done. But lucky for her, she only had to take that new class from her same GP whereas I had to fine another GP who is willing to let me take him/her class from their care. And I assure you that many are quite reluctant of it.

Tini also had the same issue. And she was very very very reluctant to let go of her 2U class since  that was a clever class and she by any way possible would never ever want to let go of that class. She's trying to not get that class taken away and tried very hard to maintain it. While on the other matter was that she wouldn't mind so much to let go of her 2C class since she can't stand the naughty students in there.

I ended up dropping one class which I was not quite fond of at first. Guess which one was it? Wafi. Yup, since my GP said that she wanted to take back her class and so I had to let go of it. Well, good riddance. Now, to the quest of me finding a new GP and a new class, after such tiring walks here and there procuring which teacher would want to give their class, I finally manage to found once teacher who wouldn't mind and the class wasn't all that bad since it is practically side by side to one another. 1 Damai. My other class was 1 Cekal. And the best part of it was that there was no more overlapping period and that I have one free day without subject which is on Monday. That was a good ending, I would say.

Until Tini told us that these new time table schedule is just temporary only. We might have to change again once more. Oh good grief......................

Let's talk about lessons today. Although I do love 1C so much and I missed their naughtiness but their ignorance is just killing me. I can't even teach in peace. Can't they be quiet? It is bad enough that 10 minutes were wasted waiting for the previous teacher to come out of the class and end her lesson, 20 minutes more were wasted for letting them go out to pray which 75% of them are Malays which makes the class........ almost empty. Then, I had to wait for them to be seated calmly and until they kept quiet. Only then I was able to teach them about comparison. Using the morpheme [-er] after an adjective followed by [than] to enhance the comparison between a person to another person. To make sure that they understood perfectly, I gave them quite a lot of examples. Which killed more time before I was even able to give them any exercises. Which was by then too late as I checked the time and it was 6.08pm whereas my time should be finished at 6.05pm and that I saw another teacher waiting outside already. Darn....

I guess for tomorrow's class there will be no mercy given at all. I shall march straight into the class, ask them to SHUT THE FUCK UP and write a handful of exercises on the whiteboard.

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